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Digital Photography Fundamentals

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When Aperture was released by Apple, they also released a great PDF e-book called “Digital Photography Fundamentals”. I printed it off a few days ago and read through the whole thing with a pen in hand. I learned quite a bit about bit depth, the differences of the file types, the way that color is shown through different mediums, etc. My copy is quite marked up and should serve as a great reference.

I admit that I am a beginning photographer, but I do feel comforable with advanced tech terms and examples. This document was full of great information, and Aperture is only plugged a couple times. I enjoyed it quite a bit more than the usual books for beginners that seem too simplified.

You can read the document here, or right click to save it to your computer.

Announcement: Developer Appreciation Day would like to invite everyone to join us in Developer Appreciation Day, December 16th, 2005.

In an effort to show our appreciation for all the freeware developers, please join us in making a donation to the developer of your favorite freeware. It doesn’t have to be much. Even if you give $5, it will show appreciation for their work and let them know you’re thankful. And if there are many donors, it could add up for them this Christmas season. It may not be how some people encourage developers, but we think that it will let them know that their work is used and enjoyed by many.

What can you do?

  • Mac Users: If you are a Mac user, just determin a freeware app that has been useful to you. Maybe a freeware has saved you in a bind. (Address Book Importer) Or maybe it has saved you with Windows troubles. (TNEF’s Enough) Or maybe freeware just saves you from spending a lot of money elsewhere. (Azureus) Whatever the case, determine your freeware, then visit the site and make a donation.
  • Bloggers and Webmasters: If you have the ability to spread the word, we invite you to do so. Let people know about Developer Appreciation Day by making a banner or blog post for the cause.
  • Developers: As you receive donations, be sure to write them back and let them know that you are real people and you appreciate the nod. If you get so many that it is hard to keep up, let us know and we’ll post your gratitude in a post to let everyone know it was appreciated.

So what do you say folks, spread a little of that holiday cheer to the people that make your Mac experience more productive and joyful.

How Fast Can You Type The Alphabet?

The other day, my wife was applying for some new jobs and they kept on asking for her typing speed. We weren’t really sure so we were taking some tests online. We both did pretty well, but I decided I needed to use the TypeTrainer4Mac freeware a little more.

However, as we were looking for different tests, we found a fun test to see how fast you can type the alphabet called Finger Frenzy. My fastest time was 4.439. I have a feeling that is not very good. How do you compare?

Google Earth for Mac OS X (Beta) (Update)

Today I woke up with a nice surprise email in my inbox. A anonymous reader tipped me off to a Beta version of Google Earth for Mac OS X. I don’t know what the system requirements are, but the program works great on my Powerbook. (1.67Ghz, 1.5GB RAM)

I don’t know how long this link will last, but I got it from here (Or Demonoid torrent here.)

At least we know it exists now!!

Update: It’s now an official release here.

Put iPod TV Shows Under TV Shows Menu

When I first got my video capable 5G iPod, I took the time to convert all of my favorite TV shows for the iPod. I got done with the process and was just amazed at how great the shows looked on the screen.

However, one of the things that reall bothered me is that I was unable to put the TV shows under the “TV Shows” menu. They were just in “Movies”.

It looks like this may be possible now with a program mrTVPod. (Mac and Win version) I just saw this today and plan to try it when I get the chance. If any of you have success with the program, please feel free to write about it and we’ll post it to with credit to you.

A Pear Powerbook Too

Since we saw an Acorn Powerbook in Chicken Little, I just wanted to point out the Pear Powerbook that ran in today’s Garfield strip. (Including the little bite taken out of course.) At least the power cord was put in the proper place.


(You can see the full strip here if you’d like to.)

What item will we see on the back of a Powerbook next?