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Calling All History Buffs

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Google Video recently added a great collection of films from the National Archives. They include early war related films and NASA footage.

The great thing about Google Video is that they offer all these videos as a free download for the iPod. If you are a history teacher, this could be very useful for you and your students. Or, if you are interested in history like me, you’ll just love to have these in your collection.

You can see the videos here.


Youtube Video: MacWorld Bloopers

I am not sure how I came across this video this morning. It is a very well put together video of Steve Jobs bloopers in his Keynotes. Is this video really old and I’ve just never seen it before?

How come I felt uncomfortable as I watched it? Some moments felt so awkward, even though they happened long in the past. I think that all Mac fans just really like seeing Steve Jobs in polished mode…and we try to forget the mishaps.

(Note: Clicking the middle of the image below will bring you to the youtube website. If you click the play button in the bottom left hand corner, the video will play right here on this page.)

No, You May Not Order Your Mac minis (Updated)

I work for a company that goes through a lot of Mac minis. A lot of minis. A couple hundred a month.

Well, today we called to place our order for our next big batch of minis and we were told “We’re not able to take large orders for Mac minis right now.” And that was it.

At first, my boss got a little upset because we do this all the time. But, I reminded him of a certain Apple Event scheduled for Feb. 28th planned for some “fun new products from Apple.” That calmed him a bit.

So, it seems that you can order the current minis one by one, but not in bulk. This makes me believe that we’ll be seeing the first Intel Mac mini…and it certainly won’t be this ridiculous cube.

Update: This has now been confirmed by a post on AppleInsider. Of course, I could have been the blogger that they referenced in the post. If that is the case then I believe we have just entered the rumor Infinite Loop.

Automatically Accept Text Chats In iChat

I was so excited about the software that was posted on that I had to be sure and mention it here too.

For a very long time I have wanted to automatically accept chats from iChat. I got so tired of clicking accept over and over again. Finally, Chax makes it possible.

(I understand that there may be a secuirty issue with this some day, but for now I am VERY excited to have the option.)

Get Into a Protected Wireless Network with KisMAC

I admit that I don’t know a ton about hacking and cracking, but I just watched an interesting video. It shows how to get into a WEP protected wireless network using Kismac.

I know, I know. There is danger in such knowledge. I guess I hope that there are more curious people than evil ones. (We don’t write this blog for evil people.)

You can download the video here. (7.2 MB zip file)

You can learn more about Kismac here.