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How To Scan Your Photos On A Mac (updated)

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I think that I am finally ready to start the daunting task of digitizing my photo collection. I’m not a professional photographer, so I don’t have a huge amount of photos. But, there are a good number of photos from my younger years to get in. I’d say about 500 or so.

Has anyone out there attempted this before? Will you be willing to share what you have learned?

What features/brand are good for the scanner?
Were you able to find a resolution that worked best for you on standard 4×6 prints?
What was your method?
Did you scan to a folder or use a special application?
Any other tips?

I hope to get some tips before I get started. I think that there will be a lot of people searching for these tips in the next couple years so I hope that we can pull together a nice collection.

And of course, as I make my way thru, I’ll be sure to report back.

Update: I ended up purchasing the Canon 8400F scanner. The product does great work and I was pleased with the scanner. However, Canon scanner software (like most scanner software) left a lot to be desired. The latest release didn’t work well on my Powerbook G4 or my iMac Intel Core Duo 2.0. I ended up purchasing VueScan and was VERY impressed with all it had to offer. It’s funny to see a single developer outperform a big company like Canon.

The process of scanning took a whil to get set up the way I liked it. But, once I started the scanning, it went rather quickly. It was fun to see photos that I hadn’t looked at for a while and I enjoyed tagging and organizing them all in iPhoto.

If you don’t have a Mac

At we highlight all the great freeware available on the Mac. But occasionally you may have to use a PC, so we have a short list of the best of the best free apps for Windows:

If you don’t have a Mac

“The Apple Way”…A Great Book

The Apple Way

I recently finished reading “The Apple Way” by Jeffrey L. Cruikshank. It is a great book about the triumphs/mistakes that Apple has made on the business side. So rather than a technology or chronological history, it tells about their business decisions and how they created a hugely popular company by “thinking different.”

I wrote a guest post about this on the Business Book Blog. You can read more about the book here.

New Trailer For “Cars”

Apple just released a new trailer for “Cars” coming out this Summer. It looks quite funny.

Three comments about this trailer:

    I didn’t know Owen Wilson was the voice of the “lead” car.

  • The desert landscape look very very real.
  • These new iMac Core Duos are incredibly powerful. I played the largest trailer and it showed without a pause. Very amazing picture.

Ok, enough talking. Go check out the trailer in HD here.

Attack of the triPods

Last night, Scary Movie 3 was on TV. You know these movies. The Scary Movie series takes popular movies of the year and then spoofs them all in one. They are actually quite funny.

Well, they showed a trailer for the upcoming Scary Movie 4 and there was our known and loved iPod attacking the world. Of course, they called it the “triPod” and spoofed “War Of The Worlds

Following are a few shots from the trailer of the tripod emerging and turning on it’s “Destroy Humanity” mix. The movie also makes fun of Tom Cruise on The Oprah Show so that is always funny.

You can also view the trailer here.