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What Happened To URLwell?

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A while back, I posted about URLwell on FMW. I love this app and always suggest it to others. URLwell allows you to quickly drag and drop URL’s to your menu bar to be looked at later.

Well, recently I purchased a MacBook Pro so I have been looking thru my apps to see which ones have been updated to Universal Binary. When I got to URLwell, I was quite bummed to see not only had it not been updated but it was completely gone. It used to be hosted at but there is nothing there anymore.

Does anyone know what happened to URLwell? And for those of you who know programming, is it possible to take my current copy of URLwell and make it a Univeral Binary? I’d certainly be grateful if anyone can shed some light on this.

Performing a Google search in Safari with Command-K

To do a Google search in Firefox, you can simply press Command-K. I really like that. The default keyboard settings in Safari, on the other hand, are a bit more annoying. To do a Google search you must press Command-Option-F — quite a complicated keystroke for something you may commonly do. Pressing Command-K toggles popup blocking on and off — something I’d never want to do.

Here is how you can make Command-K the keystroke for doing a Google search in Safari, killing two birds with one stone:

1. Open System Preferences.
2. Click on Keyboard & Mouse.
3. Click on Keyboard Shortcuts.
4. Click the “+” to add a new shortcut.
5. Choose “Safari” from the Application menu.
6. Type “Google Search…” (without the quotes) into the Menu Title field. Those three dots are an ellipses, formed by typing Option-semicolon (not three periods).
7. Press Command-K in the Keyboard Shortcut field.
8. Click “Add”.
9. Close and reopen Safari.

Pressing Command-K will now cause the cursor to move to the Google search box!


(I would have posted this on but it’s not quite free.)

JungleDisk is an online backup utility that builds on Amazon’s new S3 storage service. After signing up for an AWS account and the S3 service — you’ll find instructions in JungleDisk — you’ll enter your credentials into JungleDisk and it will mount a disk on your Desktop. Then simply drag files to the disk and they are automatically and securely backed up to Amazon’s S3 service. S3 rates apply, but it’s much cheaper than .Mac and there’s no storage limit.

This also works on Linux and Windows.

Get it here: Jungle Disk

Simi Valley, CA Store “Grand” Opening

We had the chance to be at the Simi Valley, CA store opening today. It wasn’t real crowded. A lot of people were just wandering thru the mall and thought they’d come in for a free T-shirt.

I think that this area has so many stores now that it’s just not as special.

Here are a few photos that I took with my phonecam. As usual, the exterior is stellar.




The Great Wall Of Apple Boxes


A while back, I mentioned about all the Mac minis that my company goes thru. I decided to start keeping the boxes as we got them. After a couple months, the collection is getting pretty good. In the loft of my house I’ve decided to just start building The Great Wall of Apple Boxes. Also, when my neice comes over she likes to build little houses to knock over. (Well, I build them, she knocks them over.)

If you’ve ever been to a Macworld Keynote, you know how much the Apple team cares about the packaging. Steve Jobs will usually introduce the product and then show the box that it will ship in. (Strangely, that draws more applause.) Apple makes such nice packaging that it feels strange to throw the boxes away. What do you do with the boxes that your Apple products come in?

(PS, I’ll give a $10 iTMS gift certificate to the first person to list all the boxes in that picture.)

Todd Helton And His Hitting Coach iPod

Today, on the Dan Patrick Show on ESPN Radio, Dan had a phone conversation with Todd Helton of the Colorado Rockies. He was asking Todd how he prepares for pitchers he will be facing.

His answer was (paraphrased),” The guys in the organization have converted every at-bat I’ve had against every pitcher and put it on an iPod for me. So, as an example, tonight we are facing Carpenter on the St. Louis Cardinals. On my ipod, I go to Playlists > Cardinals > Carpenter, and I can see the video of every at-bat I’ve had against him since 1998. I watch my swing, how he pitches me,…this thing is amazing.”

How cool is that? That would take a ton of work to get all that on an iPod, but that sure seems like a great way to organize it.