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Mac Mini hack on a newspaper rack

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An assistant editor at the Birmingham News found use for a newspaper vending box and a Mac Mini:

Scott was able to create a digital newsstand that delivers a constant stream of current headlines to his living room, and look extremely cool while doing it.

An iCal alarm wakes the mini each morning and sets in motion an AppleScript which takes some screenshots of various online newspapers (including the Birmingham News, of course), crops them (using GraphicCoverter), then launches a PhotoPresenter slideshow of the pics complete with transitions.

Via Macenstein

Sleeping over with Apple

iPhone mania means the prospect of leaving Apple Stores unstaffed the night before the iPhone’s launch had some in Cupertino feeling anxious about their new gadget.


Stuff the iPhone lacks

It’s not just choosing the dreadful EDGE network AT&T operates over an alternative like Verizon that is a harbinger of discontent. Apple’s well-hyped and eagerly-sought iPhone will be missing a number of features that may be desired by those who buy the new gadget.


iPhone To Encounter Sprint’s “Talking Points”

The iPhone’s on its way, and Sprint is preparing for battle. Actually, that’s a bad analogy – preparing for the SATs is more like it, as the company has provided its employees with more talking points than I care to count.‘s Triston McIntyre lists those points, then adds, “Though this plan might sound sad in sections, this is the strongest visible defense against the iPhone layed [sic] out by any competing service yet. The truth of the matter is that all providers will lose users to the iPhone . . .”

iPhone service plans surprisingly free of first-born requirement

Apple disclosed the pricing for plans from AT&T that will transform one’s iPhone purchase from a very pretty brick to a fully functional three in one device for playing music, surfing the web, and making calls.


iPhone spurs new job market: line waiters

People who are stuck in the office on the glorious day the iPhone becomes available (June 29) can hire someone to do the waiting in line at the local Apple store.