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Vista Vs. Mac OS X Comparison Raises Eyebrows

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Mac users have long viewed their machines as relatively “safe,” but new data indicates that the Vista operating system might be even more secure.

Jeff Jones, who works within Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing group, “published a report claiming that in the first six months of the Vista life cycle fewer serious security vulnerabilities have been found in Microsoft’s newest OS, compared not only to Windows XP, but also all major enterprise Linux distributions and Apple’s MacOS X,” reports TechSpot’s Jose Vilches.

For a sort of rebuttal, I’ll direct you to an article by Robert McMillan. I imagine a few of you will have comments of your own, as well.

Take an iPhone tour

Apple recently posted a guided tour of the iPhone, its forthcoming heavily-hyped communication device.


Mac OS X 10.4.10 Makes Things Better

Mac OS X 10.4.10 is here, and Jim Dalrymple of Digital Arts reports that it should correct several different problems, “including improving reliability when using the IR remote control after waking from sleep. Reliability when mounting external USB hard drives has been improved as well.” Furthermore, “[u]sers of the Tom Tom GO 910 should no longer have a problem with the device being recognized when connected via USB to an Intel-based Mac.”

But that’s not all – Reg Hardware’s Tony Smith notes that Mac OS X 10.4.10 is “the first palindromic – well, sort of – version number to be applied to its Unix-based operating system.” Yay, palindromes!

Apple, Nintendo May Have Sealed Deal

I’m not quite ready to label this as “fact,” but it appears that Apple and Nintendo have worked out a licensing deal, and, in short, some Nintendo games will become available on the new iPhone.

“These exclusive games will be released on the iTunes Store at a $29.00 price point a few months after the iPhone launches,” reports NoHeat. As for owners of older Apple gear, there’s “[n]o word on whether Nintendo will be distributing iPod versions of these games.”

A new look coming to iMac

Sometime this summer, Apple will heat up its iMacs to match the temperatures outside:


Safari 3.0 Threatens WebKit Apps

Safari 3.0 is making waves by damaging some users’ WebKit apps, according to an article posted on Macworld. “Numerous postings on Apple’s user-to-user support forum recounted various misfortunes when they installed the Safari preview – or tried to,” reports Gregg Keizer. “Only hours after Safari 3.0’s launch, a user identified as ‘max’ said, ‘Just downloaded it, but while installing the installer crashed. Now my old Safari is gone and the installer app does no longer work!”

Apple’s not yet indicated that any fix is forthcoming (or even that it’s aware of the problem). In the meantime, Safari’s losing a lot of fans.