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iPhone production slashed in half

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UPDATE: Sorry, kids, looks like TheStreet was indulging in some wishful thinking. Everyone’s denying the iPhone production cuts now.

Apple might be hard pressed to put 10 million iPhones in people’s hands by 2008 as the company cut iPhone output by 50 percent.

Apple Does Well Despite iPhone Sales

Apple continues to do well and the iPhone has had little to do with the company’s success according to Peter Burrows of Business Week Online.

He points out that Apple increased its computer sales by 33 percent in the second quarter and gross margins increased from 30.3 percent to 36.9 percent. The boost in revenue is attributed to low prices on memory chips, more direct sales from Apple stores and its Web site.

Another factor in Apple’s success is that many of its products run the same Mac operation system software. “The iPhone illustrates the point: It runs the same Mac operating system software, the Safari browser, and the same iTunes music software as all of the company’s computers. It also utilizes many of the same chips as the iPod.”

“Apple’s ability to develop, launch, and support new products, using the same R&D and sales and marketing investments, creates [earnings] leverage that is substantially greater than people thought even six or twelve months ago,” said Goldman Sachs analyst David Bailey in a recent interview.

Hidden goodies found in iPhone firmware

Some industrious digging into the iPhone revealed potential new widgets and applications on tap, just waiting for an upgrade to unlock them.


Sorry Canada. No iPhone for you. Not yours

Though the palpable hype for the iPhone clung to everyone in the US like summer humidity in late June, our northern friends won’t be able to (easily) find an iPhone right away.


Apple Stores Steal Windows Users

Those Apple stores were apparently a really good idea – new data proves that “half of the 330,000 Macs sold in Apple’s stores were to people who were new to the Mac OS,” according to TechBlog’s Dwight Silverman.

“A 50 percent newbie rate is remarkable, but likely is not sustained across all of Apple’s sales channels,” he continues. “Chances are it’s lower online and certainly through its business resellers, but it may approach 50 percent in other retail outlets, such as Best Buy and what’s left of CompUSA.”

So it’s that human touch, it seems, that is making people take make the leap away from Windows. Of course, anybody who’s seen the Mac-PC commercials might have guessed that.

Steve Jobs hates buttons

There’s a reason why your new iPhone has a virtual keyboard. That reason’s name is Steve Jobs, who has disdained buttons on Apple’s products for years.