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CNet gobbles up MacFixIt

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The Oregon-based MacFixit site’s staff will remain in Oregon, but their ownership passes to CNet and its passel of technology sites.


One more thing from Apple, Sept. 5th

Steve Jobs will pump the reality distortion field up to 11 after the Labor Day weekend.


Apple buying Solaris…keywords

A funny thing happened on the way to the Google search results for “solaris x86″.


AT&T lawyers react to iPhone unlocking

Don’t crack that iPhone yet. Reports of legal challenges to a couple of iPhone unlocking projects have emerged on the Web.


Apple patent may thwart iPod thieves

Apple’s technology for disabling an electronic device by not charging it when plugged into an unauthorized charger could help reduce some thefts.


iMac campaign offends eating disorder group

Even though Apple thinks a modern PC like the newly updated iMac can’t be too thin or too powerful, one group thinks the ‘too thin’ message is too powerful to present.