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Photographers Get Some New Mac Software

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You talk to pretty much any photographer, and they’ll tell you that Mac computers are the way to go. The screens for Macs tend to provide a better color palette. The interface provides a better workspace than PCs. New software being released by Hasselblad, will make your image processing an even better experience.

The new software is called “Phocus” and it’s looking to be the “Ultimate Image Processing Tool”. Hasselbrad promises some of the best image quality around, in terms of processing. Here are a few features to look out for if you make a Phocus purchase:

The new Phocus RAW processor provides the ultimate in processing quality for Hasselblad digital images, including:

* Digital lens corrections for color aberration, distortion and vignetting (DAC I, II, and III)
* Hasselblad Natural Color Solution for perfect colors
* Moiré removal directly upon raw data, preserving image detail

New Camera Controls
Phocus also provides special extended controls with which to operate your Hasselblad camera. These features, such as live video for easier shot set-up and workflow, or the ability to control the lens drive for focusing when the camera is in a remote position or when the digital capture unit is mounted on a view camera, bring an entirely new level of flexibility to the way you shoot.

Pictures Of The New iPhone? … You Be The Judge

Engadget (via:, has released pictures of what appears to be the 3G iPhones that are being eagerly awaited upon. While these could easily be a fake, the do look pretty darn convincing.


iPhone 2

iPhone 3

So do you think these are the real deal, or is someone having a grand ol’ time with Photoshop?

First Venture Capitally Funded iPhone Apps Announced

When the announcement of the iPhone SDK was brought to light, the “iFund” was also announced. This $100 million fund, generated by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, was to be given to certain companies, or people in development of iPhone apps.

The first two projects to receive this funding are, Pelago’sWhrrl, and iControl.

Here are some features for the first app, Whrrl:

* Discover places, movies, and events by seeing where your friends are going.
* Share experiences with friends.
* Track the places you’ve been and the places you want to go.
* Share your location with friends on the go.

With the iControl, you can use your iPhone to control various functions of your home. You could your security system by utilizing your iPhone, all the way to turning your lights off and on.

Apple Store Boston – YouTube Videos

Last week was the grand opening of the Apple Store in Boston. It’s been some time since the opening, so now for those of us who haven’t gotten to see it first hand, atleast have YouTube to fall back on.

Here are some good videos I found of opening day at the Apple Store. The more I watch them, the more it makes me want to really take a trip to Boston.

MacBooks Going With LED In 2009

It’s being reported by MacRumors via Economic Daily News that the MacBook line will be receiving a significant upgrade in the near future.

It looks as though the popular MacBook line will be getting a back-lit LED screen. This will put the line in the same LED class as the 17″ MacBook Pro series, and the MacBook Air.

LED screens bring all kinds of different benefits to the user. The largest benefit to a MacBook user, is that LEDs use up a significant less amount of battery power. The second benefit is that it will load at instant brightness, which will help with boot-up times.

The only downside to the news, is that it won’t be until 2009 until we seem them manufactured.

Mighty Mouse Caught Up In Apple Lawsuit

Mighty Mouse is a long and forgotten character in the super hero universe. So why is he being involved in a lawsuit against Apple?

Well, Apple used the character’s name for a peripheral. The problem is a company called “Man & Machine” filed for a patent for using Mighty Mouse as a name for their own optical mouse technology. The mouse is waterproof, and is used in places such as hospitals and research facilities.

CBS gave permission to Apple for use of the Mighty Mouse name. The problem is, is that Man & Machine is arguing that CBS had no right to give Apple permission for a patent on a electronical device. They are arguing that CBS’ ownership of the name doesn’t extend to electronic devices.

This will be an interesting story to see pan out. It’s not the first time that Apple has gotten in trouble for a case such as this. Let’s see how this individual case turns out for them.