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Apple Not Safe From Economic Collapse

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Apple’s shares fell 18% according to the Wall Street Journal. With the weakening economy, the effects are starting to be seen even more in the electronic sector.

Apple’s stock decreased $22.98, to its current state of $105.26. Morgan Stanley credits this dive, mostly due to the state of how people feel towards electronics. With PCs being at the low end of the market, they are being considered the better deal compared to Mac’s prices.

iPhone Free App Of The Day – Virtual Zippo Lighter

Zippo Lighter

Today’s iPhone app isn’t anything all that useful per se. What it lacks in practical functionality, it makes up for in just being pretty cool. The Virtual Zippo Lighter works just like an actual Zippo does, only instead of flicking a lighter, you flick your iPhone. Once you open the lighter, the flame sways back and forth as you move your iPhone. It’s the safer, more high tech way to show off your love and support at concerts.

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iPhone Free App Of The Day – Spend Lite

Spend Lite

If you’re like me, then you have a hard time keeping up with finances. I’m never as uncomfortable as I am when I’m in a bank. There is an iPhone app now that can help me keep up with my budget, while staying away from a bank as much as possible. Spend Lite is very simple in that it helps you keep track of your gains, and spending. You can create a budget based on a week, month, or even a year.

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iPhone Free App Of The Day – EccoNote


With EccoNote you can easily record, and playback voice recordings you make during the day. It’s perfect for people who need to stay organized, and continually forget things.

The main screen makes for easy navigation, giving the user the name of the file they’ve recorded along with the duration, and file size. There’s a plan to allow users to email the recorded files as well.

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Apple Offers Online Signup Option For 3G iPhone Customers

One of the major critiques of the 3G iPhone, is the hullabaloo involved with the initial signup. When the phone launched, the lines were backed up to epic levels. The reason for the long lines, of course was demand, but also the time it took to have people sign up for service and activate their phones.

Activations, unlike the previous iPhone all had to be done in store. These could take anywhere from 5-10 minutes, which of course didn’t help the problem with long lines.

It might be too late to help with launch, but Apple is allowing customers to sign up with 3G iPhone service online, before going to make their purchase. Activating your 3G iPhone will still have to be done at the store though.

iPhone App Of The Day

Air Share

With Air Share, the iPhone lets you be able to take your computer documents on the go. With Air Share, you can mount your iPhone as a wireless drive on your Mac, or PC.

Price: $6.99
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