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Apple Keeping Web Browser Apps Away From Store?

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In a NY Times article, Opera has announced different releases of their browser on mobile devices. Opera, is a lesser known web browser that some critics praise.

In the article it claims that Apple is keeping Opera from being released in their App Store. Here’s a quote from Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner, “Mr. von Tetzchner said that Opera’s engineers have developed a version of Opera Mini that can run on an Apple iPhone, but Apple won’t let the company release it because it competes with Apple’s own Safari browser.”

Some people have come out in defense of Apple stating that Opera won’t work because of Javascript issues.

You be the judge.

iPhone Free App Of The Day – Lightsaber Unleashed

Lightsaber Unleashed

I think one of the dreams of any boy growing up that was born after 1975 was owning a lightsaber. It’s the coolest weapon in Hollywood history, and for good reason. Definitely not as clumsy as a blaster. You can now live atleast some of that saber owning dream through your iPhone or iPod Touch.

You can customize your saber, and avatar. Then when you’re done you can swing your iPhone/iPod Touch around and have the lightsaber mimic your movements. It’s not a practical app, but is definitely fun. Also, it’s free so there isn’t much to complain about.

App Store

Psystar To Offer Nvidia Powered Blu-Ray Macs

Miami, FL (PRWEB) October 28, 2008Psystar Corporation, the leading manufacturer of OS X-compatible PCs, is now shipping PCs with Blu-ray® optical disc drives and the nVidia® 9800GT graphics card. Psystar is shipping Blue-ray® and 9800GT equipped computers before Apple’s release of these peripheral products on their own computers. Apple, developer of the OS X operating system, has chosen to delay support for Blu-ray® with Apple CEO Steve Jobs citing it as “a bag of hurt” during the recent release of the new Apple notebooks. Psystar president Rudy Pedraza countered:

“Blu-ray has already won the format war. Not only is there fully functional and mature support for Blu-ray in other operating systems but you can now rent Blu-ray discs from almost any rental chain. Blu-ray has become pervasive technology that is being widely adopted by consumers everywhere,” says Pedraza.

Pedraza also pointed out that “Blu-ray is not just for movies. The ability to burn 25-gigabyte discs is a feature that can help users in media editing or enterprise environments keep archives of large file sets. Our systems, regardless of configured operating system, can now provide this functionality.”

Psystar has also brought nVidia’s GeForce 9800GT graphics card to its line of OS X compatible Open Computers. The GeForce 9800GT brings increased graphics performance for high-end game play and media editing. The GeForce 9-series has become ubiquitous in today’s PC hardware market although Apple currently does not currently offer the 9800GT on any computer.

Several sales promotions such as no-cost processor upgrades and shipping discounts are currently being offered on the Psystar website.

It looks as though Psystar might cash-in on their product releases before their court hearing.

Streaming NetFlix Video Coming To Macs

I’m not sure how many asked for it, but it’s coming our way. The streaming service offered by Netflix is making its way to Macs soon.

The “watch instantly” option for Netflix hasn’t been available to Mac owners in the past. I’ve never seen it as a big deal, mostly because the selection of streaming movies has been limited at best.

I find it kind of funny that it’s Microsoft Silverlight that will be responsible for letting Mac users watch the streaming movies.

The service will be put through beta testing, with only a few members chosen. If you happen to be one, let me know how it works out for you.

iPhone Free App Of The Day – Easy Relax

Easy Relax

With Election Day slowly but surely coming up, I think it’s time that everyone start relaxing. What better way then with some soothing music, and sounds. I use this app when I’m going to sleep, and keeps me there during the night. Very soothing, and highly recommended

App Store

iPhone Accounted 39% Revenue In Q4 2008

MacRumors is reporting that Apple has released their numbers for their Q4 of the fiscal year.

Those figures are just the actual iPhone itself. The 39% doesn’t include the subscription based revenue. Steve Jobs would later go on to provide interesting facts about the Q4 2008 iPhone stats:

- In Q4 2008, more iPhones were sold than RIM Blackberries

- Based on revenue, Apple is the #3 cell phone vendor.