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iPhone App Of The Day – Passwd

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This is a simple app, but provides a service that most people want. Store all of your passwords, and user IDs in one secure location. Of course to use the service you have to actually come up with a user ID, and password which you will have to remember.

App Store – $0.99

Apple Goes Green With Notebooks

Apple has jumped on the ‘green’ bandwagon, and now is advertising just how environmentally conscious they are. In the ad they talk about the different recyclable materials that are now used for their Mac notebooks.

iPhone Free App Of The Day – Last Call

Last Call App

All you alcoholics who like to brag to your friends about your tolerance, your new favorite iPhone app is here. With Last Call, all of your problems with drinking and driving have you covered. First, you can use the microphone to check your BAC level. Second, if you do find yourself too drunk to drive Last Call will make call a taxi service. If you’re at your last resort and you drive and get pulled over for a DUI, then you can call a DUI attorney with Last Call.

App Store

iPhone Firmware 2.2 Update

The latest iPhone update, 2.2 has finally been released. If you haven’t already downloaded the update, here are some new and improved features…

–Enhancements to Maps
Google Street View
Public transit and walking directions
Display address of dropped pins
Share location via email
–Decrease in call setup failures and dropped calls

–Enhancements to Mail
Resolved isolated issues with scheduled fetching of email
Improved formatting of wide HTML email
–Podcasts are now available for download in iTunes application (over Wi-Fi and cellular network)
–Improved stability and performance of Safari
–Improved sound quality of Visual Voicemail messages
–Pressing Home button from any Home screen displays the first Home screen
–Preference to turn on/off auto-correction in Keyboard Settings

iPhone Free App Of The Day – Converter Pro

Converter Pro

Today’s iPhone app might not be all that useful for some people. For those who invest in foreign markets, or do a lot of travelling this could be a great one. The Converter Pro does just what the title suggests. You can keep track of your most used conversion rates.

App Store

Psystar’s Counter-claim Is Thrown Out By Court

When Psystar had charges brought on by Apple, for their Mac OS X clones they didn’t stand idly by. Psystar instead took proactive steps to fight back, even if their fight was a moot point.

Psystar’s claim against Apple, is that they are violating anti-trust laws by only allowing Mac OS X on Apple products. According to Psystar, this warranted an investigation for Apple to have a monopoly.

It was a relatively fast decision, as the judge has already dismissed the case. Apple is fairing better with their claim against Psystar, as it’s still pending.