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iPhone App Of The Day – Crayon Physics Deluxe

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Crayon Physics Deluxe

Do you remember the good ol’ days when happiness was found in something as simple as crayons, and a coloring book? If you do remember those times, then Crayon Physics Deluxe is a great way to bring the memories back. It is a puzzle game, where you have to draw on the screen to create items in order to progress through the game. It sounds simple, which it is but as you progress it becomes pretty challenging. The game uses crayon like motions, and ‘physics’ to portray a life-like experience.

Crayon Physics Deluxe App Page

App Store To Sell ‘Premium’ Games At $19.99 (Rumor)

What makes the App Store so brillaint, in my opinion is the affordable system on which it sales apps. There are some useful, and fun apps to download, but it’s really the price structure that attracts so many downloaders.

According to sources for, Apple is going to try and start the App Store down a different path. One in which they will offer a larger platform where more quality games can be released. Of course with higher quality, comes a higher price.

The new pricing platform would have certain games release at $19.99. This option would only be available to a few developers, and publishers. It would allow for increasing the size of game files, as well as improve the overall quality of the gaming apps.

I’m not quite sure how to feel about this move, if it does go through. On one hand, we’ll be getting better games but will the price be worth it. The great thing about the games, and apps in general for the iPhone, and iPod Touch is that they are affordable. I’m not sure the iPhone has the capabilities to challenge the Nintendo DS, or PSP in terms of larger scale releases.


What are your thoughts on the rumor? With the setup of the iPhone/iPod Touch, could they release games with a higher cost around $19.99?

iPhone Free App Of The Day – Vibrating Massager

Vibrating Massager App

If you happen to find yourself at work, or at home and have some tense muscles then this iPhone app has your solution. This simple, yet handy app doubles as a vibrating massager, utilizing the vibration feature that the iPhone uses. Unfortunately the app doesn’t work for the iPod Touch.

Vibrating Massager App Page

Happy (belated) 25th Birthday Macintosh

It’s hard to believe that it has been a quarter of a century since the Macintosh was announced back on my birth year, 1984. A relatively known, but hardly a celebrity Steve Jobs showed off the Macintosh to a envisioned crowd who seemed like they couldn’t help but cheer. WHOOO HOOO!! 3.5 inch floppy disks..Ha. This video shows off just what made the Macintosh so great all those years ago.

You can hardly even recognize Steve Jobs, who deserves cheer and applause for the bow-tie choice. It was a risk, but I believe paid off in the end.

iPhone App Of The Day – iShoot


If you’ve ever played any of the Worms games then you know what you’re getting into with iShoot. It’s basically you, and four friends or AI opponents trying to destroy each other with tanks. The backgrounds are stylized with photorealistic images. Which is a nice little touch.

iShoot App Page

Obama’s Team Wants A Mac White House

If you read into this Washington Post article, you’d think the Obama administration was stepping into the pre-historic era.

According to the article, the Obama team is pretty much all Mac users. They were taken back by the technology that met them when entering the White House for the first time. According to the article,

“One member of the White House new-media team came to work on Tuesday, right after the swearing-in ceremony, only to discover that it was impossible to know which programs could be updated, or even which computers could be used for which purposes. The team members, accustomed to working on Macintoshes, found computers outfitted with six-year-old versions of Microsoft software. Laptops were scarce, assigned to only a few people in the West Wing. The team was left struggling to put closed captions on online videos.”

A pretty comical story, but at the same time sad as well. So, how about it, are you ready to see an Apple adorned White House?