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Apple Deletes Old Non-Customer Review From App Store Database

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If you take at trip through the App Store today, you might take notice of some early spring cleaning. Apple decided to completely delete reviews for apps, from users who hadn’t downloaded the app in question.

Apple has changed the ‘review and comment’ rules before. A few months ago, Apple changed the system so that only customers who actually bought an app could leave a review. Now they’ve just taken it a step further.

This will change the scoring landscape, specifically for apps who’ve received thousands of reviews. Some will see an increase in average review scores, while others will see a decrease. It will be interesting to see who favors, and who is hurt by this. Perhaps, it might weed out some app devs who were boosting their scores.

I’m going to try and browse through to find any significant changes that I’ve noticed. If readers would be so kind, please report any huge changes that you notice.

[via: MacRumors]

iPhone App Of The Day – Zephyr


Zephyr is a very unique app, in that it’s a social networking app but you’re sending messages to random strangers. Think of sending a note in a bottle, and throwing it into the sea. Only with Zephyr, your message is accompanied with bright flowing colors, with heart, clover, and snowflakes. Along with the visual effects, it plays music as you write a message as well. When you send it, the message is received by someone random who can like, or dislike it. If they choose to like it they can send it on to others. The trick is to see how many people can receive your message.

Zephyr App Page

iPhone App Of The Day – Cocktails Made Easy

Cocktails Made Easy

For all you alcohol aficionados out there, you need this app. Or maybe you’re such an expert, you know all these recipes by heart. But if you enjoy making cocktails, and want to learn to make new drinks then Cocktails Made Easy is a fun and useful app. As of now there are upwards of 500 different mixed drink recipes. Each with a step-by-step guide on how to make the drinks, and how to serve them.

Cocktails Made Easy App Page

New Screenshots of Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6) Build

For those who can’t get enough Snow Leopard new, today is your lucky day. Keeping up with Snow Leopard can be a tricky endeavor. Considering most of what Snow Leopard is improving upon is ‘underneath’. So, performance and energy consistency are improved but there’s not much that can be shown.

WorldofApple has found some visible enhancements though, and has been kind enough to post some of them on their site. Along with a video. I’ll put a couple of the bigger improvements here. If you want to see the full list, just click the link above.

New System Preferences
System Preferences Gets Minor UI Upgrades.

Put Back
New ‘Put Back’ feature restores files to original folders.

iPhone App Of The Day – Down Under

Down Under

Today’s App of the day is definitely one of those useless, but cool apps. If you’ve ever seen cartoons where characters dig a whole through the Earth, to the other side then you get the gist of today’s app. Using GPS technology, Down Under is able to tell you exactly where you’d end up if you dug a hole from a location directly to the other side. It’s an entertaining app. Would have been nice if it were free though, but for $0.99 it’s still a good deal.

Down Under App Page

Is This The Next Mac Mini?

A user over at MacRumors, has posted what looks to be a picture of the next Mac Mini.

Of course, it’s all speculation at this point. However, it is convincing picture. 5 USB ports, Firewire 800, a Mini DVI, and Mini Display port look to be quite a significant upgrade indeed.

What do you think? Real or fake?

Mac Mini picture