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Apple iPhone making you think different

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All those calls for a cut and paste function in the iPhone’s operating system may be missing the real point – the guiding hand of Jobs and company to make people think about doing tasks on the iPhone in a different way.

John Gruber writes at Daring Fireball that the omission of cut and paste from the iPhone may be Apple’s way of conditioning people to do things in the manner that Apple wants them to do:

But, I not only understand why they’re absent today, I can even see the argument that — while they’re essential — it’s good that the 1.0 iPhone shipped without them. And therefore, alas, why it might be a while before they appear.

The iPhone way is different. For anything you might want to use in another app, Apple has tried to anticipate the common cases and make them directly available. You don’t copy a picture you took in the Camera app, switch to MobileMail, and paste it into a message; you tap the photo to bring up the toolbar, tap the “do something with this picture” button, and then tap the Email Photo button. You don’t copy a URL from MobileSafari, switch to Mail, and paste it into a message; you tap the URL, then click the Share button that appears.

The option to cut or copy an item and paste it into another item is an old way of thinking about the user interface. Apple’s way seems to indicate a smarter, more direct approach to getting stuff like incriminating photos to the recipient of one’s choice.

Via Daring Fireball

3 Responses to “Apple iPhone making you think different”

  1. Bill Marcy Says:

    I get email everyday with peoples contact info (Name, address, phone…etc)
    I would give my left arm to be able to cut and paste that info, somehow into a new contact form. Or for the email program to scan the email for the info and offer to make a new contact for me.

    Really, I have the scalpel on my left arm, right below the elbow, just give me what I want and you can have it.

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