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Apple TV, No Apple TV, and Steve Jobs

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Three Rumors Surround September 9

Serious speculation is ramping up in anticipation of Apple’s September 9 event. With less than a week until show time, TVs and Steve Jobs constitute the lion’s share of information coming from the rumor mill.Apple TV

Rumor number one is that Apple is preparing to unveil a new Apple TV. PiperJaffray’s Gene Munster is mostly responsible for the rumor, which he based upon several observations. First, Apple is running short on Apple TVs. In fact, as the Apple store will tell you, if you order a TV perk, they will not have them available for at least 1-2 weeks, surprisingly slow time for an Apple shipment. This, according to Munster, is “puzzling ahead of next week’s event.” Furthermore, since the aging TV is approaching more than two years without a hardware upgrade, a generational overhaul is due. Beyond that, Apple has the technology and wherewithal to make a TV that will wow consumers and shame the competition. There is also the fact that modern warfare 3 will be released next year. Since technology has been pouring its R&D dollars into a full-orbed entertainment experience, it would only make sense for Apple to get ahead of the game in their pursuit of entertainment domination. Thus go the rumors, leading to the prediction that Apple will introduce a new Apple TV MW3. Munster, usually accurate in his prognostications is probably way off on this one, based on fresh information: rumor 2.

Rumor number two is essentially a discounting of rumor number one. The Loop, citing proprietary “very reliable sources” flatly discount the rumor, affirming “that is not going to happen.” So, there you have it: two rumors. It’s The Loop’s “very reliable source,” against Munster’s daydreaming, and you’re free to choose whichever rumor you prefer.

Rumor number three swirls around the enigmatic Steve Jobs. Now that he’s back at work since mid-summer, is he going to make an appearance at the event? Probably not, according to some sources. Phil Schiller is more than qualified to introduce whatever “rock-and-roll” / mw3 / modern warfare 3 perks – Apple chooses to unveil. If it’s more than rock-and-roll, i.e., the announcement of Mystery Tablet, than Jobs may take the stage. But, since Tablet and Jobs will probably not want to detract from a new iPod launch, “Don’t expect to see Steve next Wednesday.”

There are, of course, plenty of other rumors to keep bloggers occupied. One is whether or not the mystery-tablet-device will make an appearance. That theme, of course, has provided fodder for months. Of course, most Mac-watchers are expecting the iPod series, everything iPod with a screen that is (iPod Nano series and iPod touch), to be equipped with cameras, too.

Without any of the fulfillment of these rumors, we may be left with the nondescript Apple theme: “It’s only rock and roll, but we like it.” In other words, in the words of Ars Technica to be specific, “If the whole event is just iPods and music—no Apple TV, no iTablet—don’t be the least bit surprised.”

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