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Quickoffice puts an office in your pocket

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There may be bajillions of apps available on the iPhone App Store, but most of them are certainly not geared towards serious business use. Business users may be wondering if there are apps out there that aren’t flashlights or fart sound generators.

If that sounds like you, Quickoffice might be a breath of fresh air. A set of three interrelated applications — a word processor, spreadsheet app, and file manager — Quickoffice puts a Microsoft Office-compatible office suite in your pocket thanks to the world’s best smartphone.

TUAW has a full review, including a plethora of screenshots. Steven Sande puts all three apps through their paces, revealing a competent (if somewhat buggy) set of applications. Sande particularly likes Quickword’s copy and paste implementation, calling it “fun.”

Curiously, the Quickoffice suite is not compatible with files created by Apple’s iWork suite. It also does not allow saving of .docx or .xlsx files — though it can view both. Quickoffice is able to view and edit Office 2007 files on the Symbian platform. (Quickoffice also has a version for Android-powered smartphones.)

Read the rest of the TUAW review for more information. For business users looking to get some real work done on their iPhones, Quickoffice might be a solution, albeit an imperfect one.

iPhone Free App Of The Day – Pangea VR

Pangea VR

Pangea VR might not be the most practical application you’ll find on the App Store, but it’s still cool and useful to some. For people who are into photography, particularly landscapes you’ll find some use with Pangea VR. With Pangea VR you can view different VR panoramas. You can download 360 degree images and interact with them. You can also upload your photography as well.

App Store

Google Chrome Launches Today; Mac Users Must Wait

Today marks the official release of Google Chrome. The highly rumored browser is finally in beta form and Windows users will have the first look at the open source browser. Google is telling Mac and Linux users to be patient as their version is underway.

Google Chrome

Google promises faster javascript loading, with a more streamlined program. Their biggest feature in the Comic is complete memory stoppage of a tab when you close it in Google Chrome. In other browsers, when you have a site tabbed, small pieces of the memory that the page used is still in your system. So, even after closing a tab your computer’s memory is still being used. According to Google, this won’t be so with Google Chrome.

So, are you disappointed about having to wait for Google Chrome. Or are you still content with Safari, and don’t care about anything Google releases in the browser world?

iPhone App Of The Day – de Blob

For those who have been lucky enough to purchase an iPhone, have been privy to the greatness that is the App Store. Everyday is like Christmas as there’s always new apps being release, much for free. Some which are actually useful. You definitely have to dig through some of the trash to find something worthwhile.

I’m here to help as I will be going through, downloading as many apps as humanly, and financially possible. Every other day or so I will post ones I think would be worth your time. I’d love to hear feedback, and let me know what apps that you have had the greatest time with.

de Blob

de Blob

Most of those keeping up with de Blob have known it as a Nintendo Wii game. For those who can’t wait for their fill on the Wii, I can easily recommend de Blob on the iPhone. The game runs very smoothly, and has a wonderful sense of style and color. The accelerometer controls are very responsive and fun, in the five stages I’ve gotten through.

For the $7.99 price tag, this game is definitely worth it. If anything, this hopefully shows off how good this game will be for the Nintendo Wii.

Mac Freeware Of The Week

iMedia Browser

iMedia Browser

Do you like the media browser that Apple includes in some of its applications, but wish you could use it from any application? Now you can. The iMedia Browser can be used whenever and wherever you need to access your library of music, videos, photos, and bookmarks.