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Ask FMB: How Do I Play Flash Files On My Mac?

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Tyler writes:

I’ve been collecting some of my favorite flash videos from the internet. It’s kind of a pain to fire up Adobe Flash each time I want to play these, but they don’t seem to work in Quicktime. Is there another option I can use?

Tyler, thanks for the question. Oddly, just a few days after you wrote in, we were contacted by a developer that asked us to check out their free flash player for Macs. I’ve tried it out and it works good. I posted it on FreeMacWare today. Go check out SWF & FLV Player.

Ask FMB: How Do I Change The Icons On My Mac?

Josh writes:

I love your website. I’m new to mac, and love tricking my mac with the great
stuff you have here.

I have a question, though. How the heck do I change an icon? I messed up
something, and now my iTunes folder has an icon that has the pdf logo.

Thanks, Josh


Welcome to Mac. I have you covered.

Here is a free app that does it automatically. It is called Micon.

Or you can do it manually with this tutorial from Apple: Change My Icons

Hope that helps.

PS, if you want to practice, there are some great icons for here

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Ask FMB: Blocking Programs From Connecting To The Internet

Marco writes:

Hi, is there any application that permit me to check all the applications trying
to access the internet e stop them? Thank You Very Much

The most popular application for this is Little Snitch. It will tell you when any app tries to connect and let’s you choose whether to allow it or not. However, this application does cost $24.95.

Of course, you’re writing to the FreeMacWare guys so if there is a free alternative, we know it.

GlowWorm FW Lite is a nice application that will do the same thing for you…but it’s free. You do have to register with the site (free), but once installed, you’ll be able to block any app that you’d like.

(If you have a question about your Mac, just ask FMB. We may post it here.)