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First China Apple Store To Open Tomorrow

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Apple is moving its’ retail space into China starting tomorrow. It will the first official Apple store in the country, and looks quite impressive so far. The build will be situated in Beijing, at the Sanlitun entertainment district. The store will open at 10 AM.

Apple is looking to expand into China even further, saying they will be adding more stores in Beijing, Shanghai and beyond. The store will have almost the exact same features of other Apple stores. One big highlight missing when the store opens will be the iPhone. Apple is still in talks with China’s primary wireless provider to lay out plans for the introduction of the iPhone. The largest obstacle will be implementing the 3G iPhone as China has no standard 3G network as of now.

The 32 GB iPod Touch will be available when the store opens, which will retail for 4,488 Chinese yuan (USD $647.33). This will be a story to keep an eye on going into next week, to see how successful Apple is with their first official foray into the Chinese market.

Apple Store Boston – YouTube Videos

Last week was the grand opening of the Apple Store in Boston. It’s been some time since the opening, so now for those of us who haven’t gotten to see it first hand, atleast have YouTube to fall back on.

Here are some good videos I found of opening day at the Apple Store. The more I watch them, the more it makes me want to really take a trip to Boston.

Mac’s Two New Ads

It doesn’t really seem all that long since Apple released their previous commercials. The previous two ads that were released before were based on yoga humor and psychiatric help for Windows. They decided to take a more “in your face” route with these two, with Window’s creating a country music song. And Window’s sporting and old school varsity jacket, and a cheer squad. Enjoy the videos:

Shocker: iPhone thumb surgery story a fake

The tale of a big dude getting his thumbs whittled down to an iPhone appropriate size evidently took in a few readers.


Apple iPhone making you think different

All those calls for a cut and paste function in the iPhone’s operating system may be missing the real point – the guiding hand of Jobs and company to make people think about doing tasks on the iPhone in a different way.


Apple juices rumor mill with pending announcement

The revamped iMac could be the topic of discussion when Apple’s chosen attendees at its August 7th press event see what Steve Jobs has up the sleeves of his turtleneck.