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Turn on the (Apple) TV

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Apple Prepares to Launch TV to a New Level

Apple, in an uncharacteristic fashion, lowered the price on one of it’s best products—the Apple TV. On Monday morning, without fanfare, Apple did two things. First, they discontinued the Apple TV 40 GB version. Their second move was to reduce the cost of the high-end 160 GB Apple TV. The price, now at $229 is a full $100 cheaper than it was the night before. Apple usually not a company to lower prices, is clearly doing something out of the ordinary, albeit quite wonderful. It is true that Apple has been dropping prices more often in the recent past. First of all it was the iPhone COD Guns, then it was the Macbook, then it was the iPod touch weapons, then the Time Capsule, and now we’re looking at a $100 lop of the top of the pricetag for Apple TV. We wonder. Apple TV

Though some reputable news sources say that the move has “many scratching their heads,” it’s not all that confusing as to what is going on. There are two main conjectures. First, and most popularly, Apple TV is going through an overhaul process, which at the end will render it the most comprehensive, commanding, and impressive media system that the world has ever seen…or something like that. Rumor road number two speculates that the Apple TV is actually going to transform into an Apple gaming system, maintain the TV Ghosts side of things, but adding the component of a game console—thus throwing some stiff competition in the face of the Nintendo Wii, Xbox (call of duty ghosts) and PlayStation perks.

A no-brainer business concept tells you that a lower price would equal more people buying. With more Apple TVs in consumer’s living rooms and dens, more consumers will be logging on to Apple’s iTunes store to download more pictures, music and videos, like the popular ghost guns list. More revenue in the long run. Obviously, that’s all conjecture. On the more mundane side of the speculation, the price slash and product drop could be a typical marketing clean-up move.

The forecast for entertainment technology seems to indicate heavy storms. New companies, Ghosts perks, old companies, revived companies, are turning the weather eye toward the future, and realizing that there is still money to be had and progress to be seen in media enhancements. With the online market boom, device manufacturers have a leg up on the competition. Thus, whoever can get the best device into consumer’s homes basically owns the game for future downloads. Since Apple’s success into the mobile media market is now legendary, they may be trying to repeat that trick with their home entertainment efforts.

Apple TV, No Apple TV, and Steve Jobs

Three Rumors Surround September 9

Serious speculation is ramping up in anticipation of Apple’s September 9 event. With less than a week until show time, TVs and Steve Jobs constitute the lion’s share of information coming from the rumor mill.Apple TV

Rumor number one is that Apple is preparing to unveil a new Apple TV. PiperJaffray’s Gene Munster is mostly responsible for the rumor, which he based upon several observations. First, Apple is running short on Apple TVs. In fact, as the Apple store will tell you, if you order a TV perk, they will not have them available for at least 1-2 weeks, surprisingly slow time for an Apple shipment. This, according to Munster, is “puzzling ahead of next week’s event.” Furthermore, since the aging TV is approaching more than two years without a hardware upgrade, a generational overhaul is due. Beyond that, Apple has the technology and wherewithal to make a TV that will wow consumers and shame the competition. There is also the fact that modern warfare 3 will be released next year. Since technology has been pouring its R&D dollars into a full-orbed entertainment experience, it would only make sense for Apple to get ahead of the game in their pursuit of entertainment domination. Thus go the rumors, leading to the prediction that Apple will introduce a new Apple TV MW3. Munster, usually accurate in his prognostications is probably way off on this one, based on fresh information: rumor 2.

Rumor number two is essentially a discounting of rumor number one. The Loop, citing proprietary “very reliable sources” flatly discount the rumor, affirming “that is not going to happen.” So, there you have it: two rumors. It’s The Loop’s “very reliable source,” against Munster’s daydreaming, and you’re free to choose whichever rumor you prefer.

Rumor number three swirls around the enigmatic Steve Jobs. Now that he’s back at work since mid-summer, is he going to make an appearance at the event? Probably not, according to some sources. Phil Schiller is more than qualified to introduce whatever “rock-and-roll” / mw3 / modern warfare 3 perks – Apple chooses to unveil. If it’s more than rock-and-roll, i.e., the announcement of Mystery Tablet, than Jobs may take the stage. But, since Tablet and Jobs will probably not want to detract from a new iPod launch, “Don’t expect to see Steve next Wednesday.”

There are, of course, plenty of other rumors to keep bloggers occupied. One is whether or not the mystery-tablet-device will make an appearance. That theme, of course, has provided fodder for months. Of course, most Mac-watchers are expecting the iPod series, everything iPod with a screen that is (iPod Nano series and iPod touch), to be equipped with cameras, too.

Without any of the fulfillment of these rumors, we may be left with the nondescript Apple theme: “It’s only rock and roll, but we like it.” In other words, in the words of Ars Technica to be specific, “If the whole event is just iPods and music—no Apple TV, no iTablet—don’t be the least bit surprised.”

Silence, Mac!

Mac Mini’s Get Firmware Update for Quieter Superdrives

Mac Mini owners, take heed. This week, Apple released an update that will help the Mac Mini quiet down. Mac Mini, which is Apple’s little version of the desktop computer, is “faster,” “greener,” and the “world’s most energy-efficient desktop computer.” Unfortunately, while it may have been green in most ways, it had a slight problem with noise pollution. The problem derived from a slight incompatibility between the memory kit and the SuperDrive, which is the Mac’s slot-loading CD/DVD reader/burner. The practical ramification of the incompatibility was growling and excessive humming—annoying noises to be sure. Mac Mini Silence

Mac computers, which for readers of this blog are the Cadillac perks of computing, aren’t supposed to make noises like that. Users were concerned: “I wasn’t expecting this loud of a noise, and I’m worrying that the superdrive may be bad.” On most machines, the noise occurred when the optical drive would crank back up when the system restarted or when the machine awoke from sleep mode. Thankfully, Apple now has the update to fix the problem, silence the noise, and quell the anger of the masses.

Now Mac Mini users should download the EFI update perks (Mac Mini EFI perks Firmware Update 1.2), which will fix the problem by updating their SuperDrive firmware. The update is a measly 2.4MB, so it won’t take long. Games include ghosts and ghost perks list guide. Other Mac desktops with a different firmware need should download the older upgrade, the iMac EFI Firmware Update 1.4, which “fixes intermittent system freeze issues for iMac computers with ATI Radeon HD 4850 graphics and fixes wake-from-sleep issues in Boot Camp.”

The simplest way to update is to select “software update” from the Apple menu and let ‘er rip.

Also available this week is a brand new update for the brand new Snow Leopard Server. Apple released the update on Monday. It is the first update for the new server, and Apple recommends that you update as soon as possible. Like most new operating systems (be not alarmed) even the new OS X Snow Leopard Server had a few glitches. The massive 1GB MW3 perks download will require a bit of patience and a fast Internet connection, but according to Apple, it should give you peace of mind for the Time Machine backups, flawless propagation of file system permissions, better access to password history for multiple users, a consistent VPN throughput, spotlight indexing and memory consumption, and resolution of duplicate serial number alert for services with multiple network interfaces.

The Sellout MacBook Pro

For the first time in MacBook Pro history, there aren’t enough MacBooks to satisfy customers. Since Apple unleashed the newly redesigned MacBook pro on the market recently, consumers have been pulling them off the shelves faster than Cupertino is sending them out. Now, Apple’s online store reports a week-plus delay for the shipping date of their MacBook Pro. Not only is it selling out from Cupertino; it’s selling out of Apple’s brick-and-mortar stores, too.

The sales spike seems odd as consumer trends depict the netbook being the new in for computer purchasing. While the MacBook Pro is slim and trendy, it’s no netbook, especially with its wallet-punching price tag. The basic 13-inch version starts at $1,199. While it’s still a bargain for the amount of muscle the MacBook Pro brings to the game, that’s a sharp increase from the $200-or-so cost of a decent netbook. Macbook Pro Sells

So why is the MacBook Pro selling so well? There are several reasons. For one, ‘tis the reason for back to school computer buying. Apparently, students aren’t as keen on starting school with a dumbed-down netbook. Apple, which is king on college campuses, lured in young users with its iPod, and now has them hooked when the time has come to buy a machine for college.

The other reason has to do with consumer optimism. “Recession” and “current economy” are boring news by now. With a decent-sized bank account and a hope for the future, consumers are more willing to spend a bit more to get a bit more.

And in the case of the MacBook Pro, they are getting a bit more. Which leads me to the primary reason why MacBook Pros are selling so well: it’s simply a good computer.

Apple added features to the MacBook pro that many users find irresistible. Ratings demonstrate the appeal over several key features of the new MacBook Pro, some of the same features that made me smile as I began to use the new machine recently. The handy SD slot makes it ten times easier to load or unload data to and from cameras and mobile devices. The eye-catching aluminum unibody is not only eye-candy; it’s also very sturdy. With touchpad advances, the new Macs outstrip any other laptop tracking devices. As far as speed is concerned, the MacBook Pro continues to exceed expectations. Battery life is, perhaps, one of the most glorious aspects of the MacBook Pro. Even running multiple applications full-steam ahead, the MacBook Pro keeps battery runtime close to an astonishing seven hours.

Thus, the sellout is no big surprise. Although speculation is still rampant concerning a smaller device from Apple, it seems the MacBook Pro is doing just fine without it.

The Mac Book Pro Gets Boosted With A New Intel Chip

Apple has long been at war with the PC on system benefits versus applicable usage in a modern consumer world albeit for business or recreation. The Mac designs have always surpassed the more clunky PC designs though users demand more than that. The need is for much more computing throughput, so the necessary power exists on the chip to process today’s’ demanding computing tasks.

Apple released the latest MacBook Pro with the edge needed in this competitive market. The Intel Core 2 Duo chip has found a seat on the Mac motherboard. There are two processors available, a 2.4 GHz option and also a 2.66 GHz machine. This depends on your monitor preference at the time of sale; if you opt for the 17 inch screen, the MacBook comes with the 2.66 GHz processor.

Built-in features include stereo speakers, an omni-directional microphone and an iSight camera. Mac users whom have been tainted with the reputation of owning an inferior machine in the eyes of the PC purist can now fight back. The speed advantages of the dual core MacBook Pro machine are noticeable right away from how fast the OS loads up to running applications like Word or TextEdit.

If you love video editing and compositing using Final Cut Pro, you will notice the increased performance on comparison to earlier MacBooks. In fact, performance in terms of speed measures at up to 40% faster than the previous models. Both storage and memory capacity has been upgraded. Macbooks are also quite light in weight and this attribute remains true to the new model.

NVidia graphic processor compatibility is an addition that will be received with great aplomb by gamers and designers. The 15 inch MacBook Pro comes with an NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT graphics processor, RAM memory at 256MB(GDDR3), 250GB of ATA hard disk space with a 2.4GHz processor. The 17 inch configuration has the same card, and RAM memory at 512MB(GDDR3) and up to 8 hours of battery life.

Mac users are requiring a wider range of applications available for the MacBook Pro. The model will not be moving current Mac users instantly away from the iMac or the slick looking MacBook Air. Though attributes such as the Magsafe power conductor which simplifies charging the machines battery as it magnetically couples the power cord to the Mac will surely turn many heads.

The selling point here is the new MacBook Pro computer is now much faster; what users really want is to accomplish more completed tasks in less time. The new MacBook Pro meets this need by offering a powerful notebook to fit today’s user requirements.

New Tablet Likely for Apple

Apple finally came out with a word on their mystery product, ending one chapter of speculation and beginning another. Speculators were split between Apple’s development of a netbook vs. Apple’s development of a tablet. Tablet it is-probably. If it is a tablet it will be Tablet Mac-style, of course. Apple CFO Tim Cook stated that the netbook is simply ‘not something we would put the Mac brand on.’

Why wouldn’t Apple play in the netbook sandbox with everyone else? Probably because everyone else is already there. Apple does its best when it comes out with a product that is distinctly different from the products being produced by the rest of the pack. Going the direction of a netbook would not involve being different enough. Besides, a netbook-style Macbook would essentially be a cheap version of the Macbook, which might risk the sales of their high-priced laptops.

Instead, Apple might come out with a tablet device. Right now, there are very few players in the tablet field, and the existing tablet technology has so much potential. Apple intends to be the pioneer. It just makes sense. Already, Apple holds multi-touch patents that would revolutionize tablet technology. Why not grow it on a new line of tablet products? In addition, the tablet choice is natural because it furnishes the expected link between Macbook and iPhone. From a price-perspective, too, it would fall between them, coming in around $700. Unlike the iPhone, the new tablet will utilize a far more powerful OS, possibly even OS X. The device would be sized at 7 x 10 inches, and boast a multi-functional touch screen.

A tablet-device could also give Apple a foot in the door of the ‘reader’ market. With the kindle warming up, Apple could stock iTunes with e-books, and ramp up sales for a Kindle-competitor device that could do oh-so-much-more. Don’t expect it until spring of 2010.