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Apple’s Stimulus Package?

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2009 WWDC Begins with Price Cut Revelation

When the economy is down, consumers with extra cash know that the down economy can often be a good time to make long-awaited purchase as prices are lowered to attract customers. But companies wanting to boost their business during slow times know it, too. It looks like that’s just what Apple is doing. Of course, getting a Mac will still cost you a pretty penny, but now you can get a little more for what you might have previously shelled out for an even lesser version.

Today in San Francisco, Phil Schiller is beginning the 2009 World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) by introducing Apple’s “most affordable line ever.” Of netbooks. Ever? If they really mean ever, now might just be the time to buy if you’re going to buy a new Apple notebook.

The MacBook Pro price has been dropped $1699, and their also upping the specs while they’re at it. Like 7 hours of battery time and a new SD slot. As a I’m typing this on my MacBook, I’m pretty sure that the SD slot and 7 hour battery would make me pretty happy right about now. Oh yeah, they’re also throwing in up to 8GB of RAM, though you’ll have to shell out a little more than $1699 for that. In case $1699 is a little too much, Apple’s also added a 13-inch version to the MacBook Pro line, and at $1199, it will be sure to attract some new Pro fans. And the MacBook Air? It will be an affordable $700 less than before, starting at $1499.

But hold onto your wallets, because the WWDC only just started. If this is how it’s starting out, you might be in for some pretty sweet surprises further into the conference.

Apple Is Suing Psystar…It’s About Time

The biggest surprise once I heard this news, is how long it took Apple to file a lawsuit. A month or two ago, it was announced that a company named Psystar would start selling knock-off Mac computers. The company took low cost PC parts and pieced together a machine capable of running Mac OS X.

It sounded like a good plan, and the comapny actually received a fair amount of media coverage. Of course the big question was, ‘What are the legal ramifications of a company doing this?’

Apparently Apple is asking the same question when it brings its’ lawsuit again Psystar. Apple has and probably will remain quiet about the suit, and probably let the courts handle everything, keeping the suit out of the media as much as possible. Apple will be seeking a suit, with the grounds of copyright infringement.

Apple Offering Free iPods To College Students

I know everyone loves to hear the word “free”, so I’m happy to report on some freebies from Apple. The only kicker is that you have to be a college student to cash-in on Apple’s newest give-away.

Apple’s new deal, is that if you’re a student and you buy a new iMac or Macbook, you will receive a new iPod Touch for free. Of course there is some hassle surrounding the deal, as you won’t get an iPod for free upfront. You will have to purchase the iPod and wait for your money to come back to you in rebate form.

Still, starting off the fall semester of college with a brand new Mac, and iPod, is what I call ‘kicking it off right’.

Mac’s Two New Ads

It doesn’t really seem all that long since Apple released their previous commercials. The previous two ads that were released before were based on yoga humor and psychiatric help for Windows. They decided to take a more “in your face” route with these two, with Window’s creating a country music song. And Window’s sporting and old school varsity jacket, and a cheer squad. Enjoy the videos: