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Apple Blocking Jailbreak Capabilities With Latest iPhone 3Gs Shipment

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Those who enjoy the world of jailbreaking will tell you there’s no other way to use the iPhone. Of course, Apple will tell you that doing so voids the warranty so don’t whine when you can’t ship yours off if it breaks.

Apple has combated jailbreaking with firmware updates but generally hackers easily find their way around and release new tools within a week. Instead of keeping up with this method, Apple has taken a different approach. They are shipping new units with an updated boot MW3 ROM that doesn’t allow for jailbreaking to occur.

A screenshot has been taken over at iClarified that confirms the new Bootrom:

Bootrom jailbreak

iPhone Going Global

The newest generation of iPhones kept bleary-eyed customers up late (or early) to be first in line to purchase Apple’s newest mobile device. Although U.S. users got to handle the new iPhone weeks earlier, it has just rolled out to more foreign markets today. The countries where the iPhone went on sale today are Australia, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Japan, and Netherlands. Sales were strong, but not as strong as the much-anticipated release of the first iPhone.iPhone Global

Japan, by no means a stranger to advanced technology, generated some of the most activity in terms of sales. Japanese customers bought one million iPhones when the device was first launched. However, many market hawks are predicting that the new iPhone 3GS won’t sell quite as well. One market analyst explains, “It’s difficult to expect considerable replacement demand for the new model.” Since sales were so high mere months ago, and most mobile phone plans are 24-months, fewer customers will buy the new iPhone this early.” While most analysts believe that the new iPhone sales slump is attributable to a too-recent launch of the first one, other analysts realize that some consumers may prefer the Palm Pre, the Android, or the Blackberry. Strange, but true. Of course, the Palm Pre alone cannot outdo the iPphone giant, but the combined forces of dozens of new smartphone options may just put a dent in Apple’s optimism.

The new iPhone boasts a spate of new features, including a new, fast operating system (the S in 3GS stands for “speed”), a 3-Megapixel video camera, a sweet voice activation system, and a digital compass.

iPhone Goes Organic and Orders a Cuppa to Go

More Retailers Adding iPhone Apps to Promote Their Business

The latest trend in comestibles these days is to get it organic. Meanwhile, iPhones are pretty much sweeping the tech world. Combine them, and what do you get? Gluten-free techies roaming the aisles looking for tofu and vegan burgers? Quite possibly. Let’s make that actually.

While Whole Foods Market is attracting food-snobs in droves, the marketing department has apparently also noticed that many of their customers are also up on the latest tech trends, too. In response, Whole Foods has developed the Whole Foods iPhone app that gives users the directions to the closest Whole Foods Market, allows them to check store hours, find out the local specials, grab a recipe for dinner, and investigate the nutritional information for the grilled salmon they’re having for supper. Since the app is free, it’s obvious that Whole Foods isn’t using it to generate revenue. They’re using it to whet appetitesand funnel more customers in for grocery shopping.

Whole Foods Market isn’t the only tech-savvy company that has married technology with food. Dunkin’ Donuts has done the same. Passionate coffee lovers can’t resist, even if their marketing strategy is a bit more direct than Whole Foods. Rather than obliquely suggest that customers buy food at their store, Dunkin’ Donuts virtually demands it. With the app “Dunkin’ Run” coffee-loving iPhone users can take office coffee orders right on their iPhone. As if that’s not enough, other Dunkin’ Run users will receive alerts when someone is planning a run to the shop, and orders can be placed online-right from the interactive online menu.

As other cuisiniers, restaurant owners, and food chains get caught up in the world domination of apps for everything, we may find more eager shoppers at our coffee shops and grocery stores, wandering the aisles-iPhone in hand.

iPhone: Manage Your Schedule, Pay Your Bills, and…Track Down Thieves

Kevin Miller, iPhone 3G owner and Lego enthusiast is now an avowed supporter of Apple’s new MobileMe service, “Find My iPhone.” For Miller, it actually worked. We’ve all had that sickening feeling that Miller felt—the feeling of what-am-I-forgetting-oh-no-it’s-my-iPhone. Thankfully, Miller had “Find My iPhone” enabled. With the help of two friends, a Sprint 3G-enabled MacBook, and a bit of time, Miller and his friends were able to locate and retrieve the missing phone, with a bit of adventure to boot. The real upside, though, was for Apple, which got a free, real-life, action-packed, living, breathing advertisement for the new feature.

It all started after dinner at a downtown bar. Kevin Miller realized, not too long after leaving the bar, that he was without his iPhone. Back to the bar for Kevin and Co., only to find no trace of the phone, no clues from guests, and no idea what to do. No idea, that is, until he remembered the just-released “Find My iPhone” feature. The next morning they began tracking the phone, first identified at a stationary location, then cruising down the street on a bus, and finally cornering the thief who sheepishly returned the iPhone with a feeble excuse and without much of a fuss.

iPhone Find

The success story draws attention to the new MobileMe feature which was announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference 2009, hosted in San Francisco earlier in June. The handy feature gives users the ability to use their lost iPhone as a homing device, broadcasting its exact coordinates to the user’s MobileMe account, which can be accessed online.

While Kevin Miller’s success story is good news, the iPhone locating program isn’t without its potential downsides. In the first place, users need to enable the “Find My iPhone” feature if they ever hope to find their phone. Plus, MobileMe is a paid subscription (an additional cost to the regular iPhone subscription), which provides users with an online coordination and synchronization of files, e-mail, address book, calendar, photos, etc. Another potential downside is the fateful quandary of performing a mobile swipe. The good news is, a mobile swipe would effectively protect your personal information. The bad news is, if you perform the mobile swipe on a lost iPhone, you’ll never be able to find your phone using the “Find My iPhone feature.”

And then there’s the question of, “What do I do if I find my iPhone in the hands of an angry, armed thief?” That’s an entirely different question, and I’m afraid technology doesn’t have a good answer yet.

The Big Apple Gets Bigger: New 32GB iPhone

What could possibly be better than a bigger, better memory? Not much, especially if you’re an Apple iPhone. News has been circulating that Apple plans to release a new Apple iPhone, and the latest rumor on the scene is that it will be a 32GB iPhone. In fact, it seems likely that this bigger, better iPhone will hit the stores before this fall. Some say it could even be as soon as July 17. If that is the case, Apple should be able to market their phone to those who may have been part of the Palm Pre shortage.

Not only does the new iPhone boast of a bigger memory, but rumor also has it that the look of the new iPhone will remarkably differ from its metal-banded predecessors. Bigger memory? Well, that’s really no big surprise, though it might be a little bigger than most originally anticipated. But a different look? Now that could potentially alter Apple’s market. It’s highly unlikely to drive its hardcore devotees away, but it may attract new users.

In addition to the bigger memory, some of the other exciting new features are likely to include an illuminated logo on the back, an FM transmitter, a 3.2 megapixel camera, a video camera, and built-in compass, just to name a few.

The quickly approaching June 8 Apple WWDC conference should reveal additional features and surprises of the 2009 Apple iPhone. But there’s no doubt it will be bigger, and that iPhone fans will be anxiously awaiting its release.

Text While You Walk—Safely

Now you can multitask in safety with this new iPhone app. This app allows you to write e-mails while still watching out where you’re going—on your iPhone. The image from the camera is projected onto the screen, but is overlaid by the text and keyboard. This way, you can pleasantly tap out e-mails, all the while keeping a careful eye on harmful objects, people, or pitfalls in your path. The new app should be a welcome boon for those frenetic multitaskers who can’t bide the thought of a walk without doing something.

Right now, the app is free. Who knows where this technology will go from here. Some project it being a growing technology that will expand in its appeal and in its versatility. We shall see. So far, it’s more of a novelty than it is a necessity, but it does work quite nicely, according to reviews.

You can now take your multitasking to the next incredible level. If you live your life on the iPhone, here’s another way to deprive you of the enjoyment of facing the world during a walk, but will still allow you to keep a careful eye on things. But in case you were wondering, no, it doesn’t work very well for driving. It doesn’t have rear view mirrors. Yet.