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New Tablet Likely for Apple

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Apple finally came out with a word on their mystery product, ending one chapter of speculation and beginning another. Speculators were split between Apple’s development of a netbook vs. Apple’s development of a tablet. Tablet it is-probably. If it is a tablet it will be Tablet Mac-style, of course. Apple CFO Tim Cook stated that the netbook is simply ‘not something we would put the Mac brand on.’

Why wouldn’t Apple play in the netbook sandbox with everyone else? Probably because everyone else is already there. Apple does its best when it comes out with a product that is distinctly different from the products being produced by the rest of the pack. Going the direction of a netbook would not involve being different enough. Besides, a netbook-style Macbook would essentially be a cheap version of the Macbook, which might risk the sales of their high-priced laptops.

Instead, Apple might come out with a tablet device. Right now, there are very few players in the tablet field, and the existing tablet technology has so much potential. Apple intends to be the pioneer. It just makes sense. Already, Apple holds multi-touch patents that would revolutionize tablet technology. Why not grow it on a new line of tablet products? In addition, the tablet choice is natural because it furnishes the expected link between Macbook and iPhone. From a price-perspective, too, it would fall between them, coming in around $700. Unlike the iPhone, the new tablet will utilize a far more powerful OS, possibly even OS X. The device would be sized at 7 x 10 inches, and boast a multi-functional touch screen.

A tablet-device could also give Apple a foot in the door of the ‘reader’ market. With the kindle warming up, Apple could stock iTunes with e-books, and ramp up sales for a Kindle-competitor device that could do oh-so-much-more. Don’t expect it until spring of 2010.

Apple acknowledges MacBook cracking issue

Apple is finally addressing the original MacBook’s cracking issue, even if the notebooks aren’t under warranty.

Anyone who’s owned one of the plastic white MacBooks will have dealt with the laptop’s cracking problem sooner or later. Whatever kind of plastic Apple used for the body casing seems to be particularly susceptible to hairlines cracks, even under normal usage.

Apple has been willing to replace palmrest cracks on a case-by-case basis (my own MacBook suffered from these) but until now Cupertino refused to address cracking on the bottom casing.

AppleInsider reports that the company sent out a bulletin to its authorized service providers in March that reverses its stance on refusing to address cracking issues. Both black and white plastic MacBooks can now be sent home to Apple for servicing, regardless of whether the laptop is covered by a warranty or not.

AppleInsider source reportedly claims that four additional areas now qualify for replacement. Apple is still asking its reps to carefully examine MacBooks to determine if the cracks occurred under normal usage or if they are due to dropping, which is not covered.

Even though Apple introduced the new unibody aluminium MacBook last fall, the company still sells the white plastic MacBook as a $999 budget option. We are unsure if these are covered as well.

$899 MacBook Pricing Is Still Rumor

A few days ago, FreeMacBlog substantiated a rumor that the new MacBook line would start at $800. Since the rumor, there have yet been even more rumors to counter the initial rumor (rumors can be exhausting).

According to a new “October the 14th” blog, the pricing of $800 is off. It’s actually going to be $899, if you’re to believe the image that they provide.

MacBook Pricing

Apple Releasing $800 Laptop

You can put this piece of news in the rumor bin, but what a rumor it is. The Inquisitr is reporting that Apple is making plans to have their lowest price point laptop at $800.

Inquisitr cites “credible” sources though doesn’t go into specifics. Their sources say that Apple retail stores have received their price sheets, which lists 12 price points for the new line. The new price range will start at $800 and end at $3100, which used to starts at $1099.

Only time will tell if Inquisitr’s sources were accurate.

Mac Pros Emitting Toxic Fumes?

A report out of French Liberation claims that Mac Pros emit a foul stench, at times. The claim also states that the odor is toxic.

The article states that the toxic material is, benzene. It has been found that prolong exposures to benzene can up the risks for certain disease, and cancer.

Apple has countered the claim by saying there has been no substantial proof that there is anything toxic in the Mac Pros. An Apple exec told this to MacWorld, “We have not found anything that supports this claim, but continue to investigate it for the customer,”.

Who knows where this story is going to end up.

Rumor: iPod Touch and MacBook Announced In September

According to we could be in store for some major announcements come September. The rumors involve mostly the iPod Touch and MacBook series. There are rumored announcements about lower prices, and new models for Apple’s most popular lines.

The iPod Touch is hopefully going to receiving a significant price cut, and could drop from $299 to $199. Some other rumors presented on PcWorld is that the iPod Touch will be getting a makeover, to resemble the 3G iPhone. It’s also being reported that we could be in store for some storage space upgrades as well.

Some of the more significant rumors are about the Macbook model. The prices are rumored to drop from $1,099 to $999. Some of the significant hardware upgrades, is that there’s a small chance we could see a slimmer model announced. Probably the most intriguing rumor is Apple’s development on the MacBooks with touch screen capabilities.