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Apple Offering Free iPods To College Students

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I know everyone loves to hear the word “free”, so I’m happy to report on some freebies from Apple. The only kicker is that you have to be a college student to cash-in on Apple’s newest give-away.

Apple’s new deal, is that if you’re a student and you buy a new iMac or Macbook, you will receive a new iPod Touch for free. Of course there is some hassle surrounding the deal, as you won’t get an iPod for free upfront. You will have to purchase the iPod and wait for your money to come back to you in rebate form.

Still, starting off the fall semester of college with a brand new Mac, and iPod, is what I call ‘kicking it off right’.

One more thing from Apple, Sept. 5th

Steve Jobs will pump the reality distortion field up to 11 after the Labor Day weekend.