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MobileMe Fiasco Coming To An End?

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If you’re one of the 1% of MobileMe users who were experiencing problems with the service, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Apple has released a support document stating that effected MobileMe users should now have their accounts back. So all of the MobileMe emails received since July 18th will be viewable.

Unfortunately for Apple users, all emails prior to that date are unavailable. Here is Apple’s official announcement: “As a first step toward restoring service, we restored web access to a portion of your MobileMe Mail account at 10:00 p.m. PDT, July 25. You can now log into, and use the Mail web application to access all the messages you have received since the July 18 service outage. You can also compose, send, and receive new messages as normal. Please note that this interim solution does not provide access to any email messages received or saved before the outage began on July 18.”

Also as a temporary precaution, Apple doesn’t want anyone changing their MobileMe password, emails, or storage allocation.

iPhone’s SDK Might Be Delayed

The iPhone SDK (software development kit) mess looks to linger on even further. Many developers criticized Apple for not releasing a kit that developers could make iPhone non web-based applications. Apple then fired back, stating that third party application development brought up security concerns. This is pretty much a summary of what has happened so far in the drama of the iPhone SDK dilemna.

After the initial round of criticisms and explanations, Steve Jobs announced that the SDK would be released by the end of February. Unfortunately for Jobs the month of February is short, and that time window is slowly shrinking. A source for Businessweek, has said that Apple will announce a delay for the SDK later this week.

Apple has released no official comment, but according to the BusinessWeek source the delay could last aslong as 1-3 weeks. So everyone looking forward to some cool third party applications for their iPhone is going to have to wait.

*On a side note, Happy Birthday to Steve Jobs. He turned 53 yesterday.

Apple Drops Xsan 2 On The World

Released in 2005, Apple gave users a way to provide a total network solution for data storage. This solution was called Xsan, it has been 3 years since its’ release and it has seen success which leads to Apple’s unveiling of Xsan 2.

There have been numerous improvements made over the original XSan. Probably the most obvious is their improvement to the user interface. Apple boasts about what functions have been improved, “complex tasks such as expanding a volume, optimally configuring volume settings, or managing file system permissions are now easier and less error prone. SAN components — computers, volumes, and LUNs — are logically presented as assets, and an overview of SAN health is prominently displayed.”

The other massive update for Xsan 2 is the introduction of MultiSan. With MultiSan, different computers will be able to access different XSan volumes simultaneously. Having volumes on different XSan controllers improves performance and reliability.

Another pretty cool feature with XSan is the Spotlight. Spotlight works like a more comprehensive search tool that iTunes uses. Instead of just searching for file names, you can search by actual content inside the files.

The XSan 2 retails for $999.00, but hey atleast the Apple store provides free shipping.

Sweeping Security Update For Macs

Macs have a reputation for being “safe,” and a new security update should keep it that way. Well, all right – the existence of this update highlights some problems, but now that they’re fixed, no one can complain.

Anyway, “The update is available for Intel and PowerPC-based Macs running Mac OS X 10.3.9 or 10.4.10,” according to the Mac Observer’s Jeff Gamet, “and includes updates for iChat, CoreAudio, PHP, Quartz Composer, Samba, WebCore, WebKit, and more.”

Gamet goes on to get into the specifics – and there are quite a few details to address – but users might be best off downloading first and asking questions later.

Taxes May Strain Mac Owners In Australia

Even the most-prepared people often need to stock up on aspirin come tax season; others seem to suffer an annual nervous breakdown. And, unfortunately, Mac users in Australia may belong to that latter set.

“Mac users will (again) have to find a Windows machine if they want to fill out this year’s tax return online,” reports AppleSource’s Brendon Chase. “The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has stated on its Web site that it is working on a solution for Mac users to fill out their tax online and will trial a possible solution in 2008, with the outlook of it being available in ‘future years’ pending on the success of the trial.”

In the meantime, well . . . at least Australian psychiatrists will benefit from this oversight.

iPhone owners could get owned by attackers

There is a big flaw in Safari on the iPhone that can be exploited to grab information off of one, or even turn it into a remote bugging tool.