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MobileMe Fiasco Coming To An End?

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If you’re one of the 1% of MobileMe users who were experiencing problems with the service, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Apple has released a support document stating that effected MobileMe users should now have their accounts back. So all of the MobileMe emails received since July 18th will be viewable.

Unfortunately for Apple users, all emails prior to that date are unavailable. Here is Apple’s official announcement: “As a first step toward restoring service, we restored web access to a portion of your MobileMe Mail account at 10:00 p.m. PDT, July 25. You can now log into, and use the Mail web application to access all the messages you have received since the July 18 service outage. You can also compose, send, and receive new messages as normal. Please note that this interim solution does not provide access to any email messages received or saved before the outage began on July 18.”

Also as a temporary precaution, Apple doesn’t want anyone changing their MobileMe password, emails, or storage allocation.

A Few Leopard Nuggets

The next Leopard patch is said to include about 100 fixes. Details here.

In the meantime, here’s a few nuggets of Leopard-related wisdom for you to digest:

Procata has a nice walkthrough to get you started working with PHP 5 on Leopard. Judging by the relatively large list of comments, many of have found the article to be quite useful.

LeopardTricks posted a simple but helpful little tip on fine-tuning your volume control using volume keys, which you may or may not have known.

If you’ve got other non-mac computers and use Thunderbird for email, you may enjoy this Leopard Mail skin from REO at DeviantArt.

Analysts: Buy Apple Stock

You may have heard that Apple’s stock took a hard drop yesterday.  This is one case however, where analysts are still suggest buying it.

According to Peter Burrows of BusinessWeek, “Wall Street got hung up on Apple’s skimpy forecast for Q2 earnings, despite knowing full well that Apple always offers up skimpy forecasts.”

“Yes, Apple’s forecasted earnings were 15% below consensus estimates, compared to the 9% difference that Apple has typically guided to over the past seven quarters, according to Piper Jaffrey analyst Gene Munster,” added Burows.  “But then, we are heading into a possible recession. It makes sense that a company that routinely lowballs would do so even more at a time of such uncertainty. ”

iPods have been in a sales slump, but are still performing well.  Macs however, have been selling like hot cakes.

Put off replacing the iPhone battery

A little tweaking and a lot of heat avoidance should allow iPhone owners to prolong the life of the non-owner-replaceable battery inside Apple’s latest gadget.


Apple Store Geniuses speak

They aren’t supposed to talk about their jobs, but Mac|Life managed to get one former and one current Genius Bar staffer to chat about working with Apple’s customers:

“Well, probably something like 70 percent of the stuff we see – laptops, desktops, iPods – are just things that are very simply physically damaged by the customer,” the anonymous Genius says. (Take a minute, as we did, to inventory your recent history of bad-owner accidents. Ours included dropping laptops, spilling Gatorade into our keyboards, and yanking the headphone cord out of an iPod so carelessly that the plastic input ring chipped off.) “Do people realize that when you buy an electronic device, the warranties don’t cover physical or ‘accidental’ damage? You break your iPod and – I’d never say this to a customer – but the Genius Bar is not for you. Go to the store’s front desk and give it to the iPod recycling program, or go to That’d save a ton of time, because we just can’t help you.”

Via Mac|Life

How to transfer video from your Comcast DVR to your Mac

Tivo allows you to record TV shows whenever you want. There’s also a Tivo product that helps you transfer recordings to your Mac.

But if you have a non-Tivo Tivo (a Digital Video Recorder) like the DVR from Comcast, things aren’t as well integrated. Here is a tutorial on how to get video from your Comcast DVR to your Mac and even burn it as a DVD. It requires the Apple Firewire SDK and a variety of other software but it’s definitely possible.

Image of Firewire SDK

Transferring video from a Comcast DVR to a Mac