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Happy (belated) 25th Birthday Macintosh

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It’s hard to believe that it has been a quarter of a century since the Macintosh was announced back on my birth year, 1984. A relatively known, but hardly a celebrity Steve Jobs showed off the Macintosh to a envisioned crowd who seemed like they couldn’t help but cheer. WHOOO HOOO!! 3.5 inch floppy disks..Ha. This video shows off just what made the Macintosh so great all those years ago.

You can hardly even recognize Steve Jobs, who deserves cheer and applause for the bow-tie choice. It was a risk, but I believe paid off in the end.

Mac Holiday Ads

Apple has released two ads just in time for Christmas to roll around. They are pretty cute, and bring PC and Mac owners together for the holiday season.

Steve Wozniak On Founding Apple

This video is a very interesting listen. Steve Wozniak recently spoke at the Creativity World Forum 2008. In his speech he talks about many interesting aspects of his start at computer engineering. About midway into his speech, he talks about how he and Steve Jobs started Apple and everything that went into it.

Apple Goes Green With Notebooks

Apple has jumped on the ‘green’ bandwagon, and now is advertising just how environmentally conscious they are. In the ad they talk about the different recyclable materials that are now used for their Mac notebooks.

Streaming NetFlix Video Coming To Macs

I’m not sure how many asked for it, but it’s coming our way. The streaming service offered by Netflix is making its way to Macs soon.

The “watch instantly” option for Netflix hasn’t been available to Mac owners in the past. I’ve never seen it as a big deal, mostly because the selection of streaming movies has been limited at best.

I find it kind of funny that it’s Microsoft Silverlight that will be responsible for letting Mac users watch the streaming movies.

The service will be put through beta testing, with only a few members chosen. If you happen to be one, let me know how it works out for you.

Two New Mac Ads

Two funny new commercials from Apple. I think the buzzer one is my favorite. Vi….*buzz*…classic.