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Get Into a Protected Wireless Network with KisMAC

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I admit that I don’t know a ton about hacking and cracking, but I just watched an interesting video. It shows how to get into a WEP protected wireless network using Kismac.

I know, I know. There is danger in such knowledge. I guess I hope that there are more curious people than evil ones. (We don’t write this blog for evil people.)

You can download the video here. (7.2 MB zip file)

You can learn more about Kismac here.

13 Responses to “Get Into a Protected Wireless Network with KisMAC”

  1. Stephen Says:

    is this usable w/ apple’s airport extreme card?

  2. Francisco Cantu Says:

    No its works just in active mode…im wondering what cheap wireless card works for this program…?

  3. Qua Says:

    There is an R75 build floating around that allows you to use the Airport Extreme in passive mode. Still won’t allow you to inject packets though but it will allow you to capture data and IV packets.

  4. Louie Says:

    hey i tried to download that video showing how to get into wep protected websites, with kismac, but the server stated out??? is their any other alternatives???

  5. A.R.M. Says:

    If you want to see that video, try this link:

  6. jdnyc Says:

    I can’t get my Apple Airport Card (passive mode) to act as the primary injection driver for Deauthenticate, Authentication Flood, and Reinject Packets.

    I keep getting the error: “No Injection Driver, You have no primary injection driver chosen, please select one in the preferences dialog.”

    In my driver preferences, selecting Apple Airport Card (passive mode) doesn’t open up the injection box “use as primary device”… it’s greyed out…

    Any suggestions?

  7. Mike Says:

    WEP is pretty much old hat these days anyway. If you’re using WPA-PSK in tandem with SSID you’re much better protected.

  8. Free Mac Planet » Blog Archive » KisMAC Says:

    [...] This program has been popular recently because of a video that shows one how to use KisMAC to get into a wireless network that is protected with WEP. (More info on thathere.) [...]

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