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How To Clean Your White Macbook

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If there is a guy in this world who keeps his hands cleaner than I like to keep mine, I have yet to meet him. My biggest pet peeve is dirty or sticky hands. But even with my problem struggle, my white macbook still gets dirty. You can easily see which keys I use the most.

I’ve tried the specialized products like iKlear but they just didn’t do that great of a job. So, out of frustration, I just raided my cleaning cabinet to see what was in there. (Of course, I did this while my wife was gone. I didn’t want her getting any ideas.)

I pulled out the Glass Plus Wipes and thought they looked as good as anything else.

The back said that they were safe enough for computer screens, but I decided to wipe down my whole machine with it. I fired up the keyboard cleaner appand got my wipe on. It turned out awesome. The keys, mouse, and palm rest are all clean again. And for an added bonus, they all feel like they did when they were new.

So I’m sharing this tip because they worked great for me. And, they are cheap. We got ours at Albertson’s for $3.99 Obviously be cautious with your own machine. Maybe try a little corner or key first.

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  1. Ryan Says:

    I saw this and I had to try it. My macbook is SHINY now. I have to say that this is the best way to clean a white macbook. I love the app, and I love the whole site here. Thanks for everything you do, and keep up the great info!

  2. Brian Says:

    Ryan, thanks for dropping a note. I’m lad it worked for you.

  3. Maindish Says:

    any suggestions for cleaning macbook pro?

  4. Carlo Says:

    I still trying to think of a reason I would need a special app to clean my keyboard, instead of just cleaning it while my laptop is off?
    Respectfully Yours.

  5. Brian Says:

    Carlo, It’s just a thing of convenience. Alot of folks like to keep a high uptime on their Macs.

  6. Pedro Vera Says:

    I would love to know what the hell is the deal with the wrist rest in the mac book pro. It picks up skin oil in seconds, and this is even after literally sterilizing my hands. Two minutes later and there’s a smudge all over the right side of the wrist rest, the area above the DVD.

  7. Gaby Says:

    I was wary of trying non-acetone nail polish remover on the wrist rest like I had read all about but it took off the skin oil and discoloration right away. I would not recommend it for any of the other plastic surfaces of a macbook, however, as it leaves behind residue.

  8. Chris Says:

    You can also use rubbing alcohol to clean your white macbook which I did. It worked well, although the Glass Plus wipes may be better.

  9. Anna Says:

    So these will work for the screen, as well?

    Thanks so much, I’ve been wondering what to clean my MacBook with, I got it in November, and it’s already dirty!

  10. Julie Says:

    It’s hopeless to get some of the skin oil off my laptop. What I’ve resorted to is to place “stickey notes” on each side of the mouse-pad, and I replace them about every two-three weeks. I’ve tried nail-polish remover, alcohol, and the Mr. Clean erasers. Nothing worked. The stickey notes are the best solution I could come up with.

  11. sKurt Says:

    I found that Mr. Clean erasers are the best! And as far as residue, use Goo Gone, it’s the best for removing goo from any surface.

  12. Collin Says:

    yea i was gonna say that. they r just really big magic marker erasers. I work in a detail shop and we use them all the time. they get everything nice a new looking.

  13. Ryan Says:

    Good tip I got from the Genius Bar. Don’t use hand sanitizer before you use your MacBook because it doesn’t completely absorb and will rub off of your hands onto the palm rest and makes it far dirtier than if you didn’t use it at all.

  14. Ceres Says:

    hi there! I agree with sKurt, Mr. Crean Magic Eraser does the job but I use ARIX Magic Eraser. It’s cheaper compared to Mr. Clean. My iBook is back to it’s original clean white appearance.:)

  15. Peter Says:

    How about the black macbook?

  16. Gretchen Says:

    I don’t know if they’re available outside of Singapore/Asia, but I use a S$15 silicone protector for my keyboard, especially designed to keep the dust off between the keys, and also protects it in case you spill your drink on the keyboard (well, not completely but at least it would buy you a few seconds to tip it over and get the liquid off before it gets a chance to enter). It works feels funny at first but you get used to it. The protector itself gets dirty easily but at least your keyboard’s clean when you peel it off.

    The sales guy also showed me a plastic palm rest and touchpad protector, but I didn’t get it because it was S$20…but I might end up getting it anyways…

  17. Lindsay Says:

    I just got a macbook and it’s dirty already :( Can you get these wipes in the UK? Anyone in the UK got any similar tip?

  18. em Says:

    im from the uk..
    i got my macbook a month ago and after a few days the palm rests were grimy (even though i am a compulsive handwasher)…

    anyway so i tried makeup remover wipes- unsurprisingly didnt work..

    however just sprayed a bit of perfume on a wipe and the dirt has pretty much gone now.

    i like the idea above of using post-its on the spaces from now on.

  19. kris Says:

    Thank you, thank you. My little mac is all but a month old and already, signs of film around the touch pad. Am going to buy some glass plus tomorrow!

  20. Naresh Says:


    I am from London and I am not able to find Glass plus Wipes here. any other product that you hav used and available in the uk?


  21. dahlia Says:

    my husband just tried cleaning mine with our natural household cleansers: 1 part wanter and 1 part white vinegar spray and a wee bit of baking soda added to the paper towel. took off not only black ink but also metallic silver ink; the whole thing, including the trackpad, looked like new in 5 minutes. the baking soda left almost no abrasion. amazing!

  22. peter Says:

    Hi there. Wondering if anyone know where to get Arix Magic Eraser or Mr Clean Erasers from? What sort of shop can i purchase?

    Many thanks.

  23. peter Says:

    does anyone know where i can buy Mr Clean Erasers?


  24. lauren Says:

    so it’s safe to use these wipes for the screen right??

  25. H Says:

    scotch tape cleans keys the best, and faster than sticky notes. do one key at a time and rub the tape in good then slowly peel it off…. man does it feel good to have a clean spacebar again

  26. kris Says:

    Perfume is alcohol based, as are many house cleaners, so the rubbing alcohol mentioned above may do the trick cheaper (test first of course).

    Also – re: the magic eraser, we used it on our white walls once. Looks great…until the light shone on it just the right way and you could see where it had been used :( Don’t know if that was poor paint quality or what, but I don’t use them anymore.

  27. Gil Says:

    I thought the rubbing alcohol was alright. Some of the darker spots are still there (right where I set my wrists), but my computer feels nice and clean. I think I might have to try the ‘magic eraser’…

  28. Clayton Says:

    WOW! Was looking for some stuff to get the “palm prints” off my new white MacBook. Found a Scotch Brite Easy Erasing Pad under the kitchen sink. Woot! Like brand new. The white (cleaning side) instantly dissolved the hand oil/dirt. Amazing. Thanks for posting this topic!

  29. betsy Says:

    alcohol doesn’t work

  30. Sparkwood & 21 » Blog Archive Says:

    [...] Must Do: How to clean your white MacBook [...]

  31. Kate Says:

    A note of caution: Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, and similar products, are actually just fine-grained sandpaper, of a sorts.

    If used too frequently, you will wear away the surface of your MacBook.

    These Glass Plus Wipes might be a better long-term solution, since they aren’t abrasive!

  32. Michelle Says:

    i have a black macbook & i have oil from my fingers that won’t come off of the mousepad. any suggestions on getting the oil of the mouse pad? thanks!

  33. Amy Says:

    Hi, does anyone know where I can get the Glass Plus Wipes in New York City?

  34. Sabina Says:

    Just use an eraser to rub off stains on keypad…yep works pretty well

  35. Bella Says:

    Wonderful comments. I just got my macbook-loving everything about it. I can’t help but notice that the keyboard already needs a bit of a touch-up. Are the Mr. Clean Erasers ok to use on the mouse pad too?

  36. Rachel Says:

    Amy, you’ll be able to find those glass wipes almost anywhere in NYC. Try a hardware store if you have one by you, but your best bet is just a generic super market like Gristedes or Food Emporium. Finally, if you can’t find them at any of those, take a trip to Home Depot on 23rd street between 5th and 6th. They will have them there, no question.

  37. Maria Says:

    Clorox Disenfecting Wipes also work very well! It even says on the label under “General Use” cleans telephones, doorknobs, computer keyboards, etc….The Lemon Fresh smell nice and are bleach free. I just used it on my new iMac white keyboard and the dirt came right off of the keys. You can buy them at any office supply store online, like Staples, Office Depot, and if you’re a frequent flyer on United, (or any airline), you can go to the United Mileage Plus Mall, select and get supplies and points to boot!!

  38. Stormye Says:

    I’m not sure Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are the best idea.. they could scratch up you laptop, but it is up to you. Thanks for the tips!

  39. AC Says:

    Actually before you use any liquid, try erasing the part where your wrists go with a big eraser. That seems to take a lof of the grey grime off.

  40. Thomas Says:

    To all you Magic Eraser haters:

    I really doubt it is going to wear away your macbook pad, maybe after 10 years of scrubbing. I tried a bunch of cleaners, alcohol and windex, they did alright. But I have to say the Magic Eraser is where its at. If you have a dirty palm rest, a very light scrub with a little water made it all go away!!! I have thoroughly inspected the area I used it on, and it looks great!

  41. angelie Says:

    saw in another forum that you could use staedler erasers… works like a charm!

  42. Graham Says:

    i heard that you are not supposed to use Windex on the screen because it contains ammonia which wrecks the finish. Does anyone know if these wipes contain ammonia? I looked around at my local stores and could not find any wipes that did not. And does anybody know if these Glass Plus wipes are available in Canada?

  43. Michelle Says:

    I just used the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on my mouse pad to get the oil off and it didn’t work. Any more suggestions?

  44. Sharon Says:

    I fell in love with the Glass Plus Wipes about two years ago. We have two little boys who love to put their little fingers on everything. The wipes work great on mirrors and stainless steel appliances, too. HOWEVER, within the past month, I have had a very hard time trying to find some in the stores – any store. I finally called the company and they told me that they DISCONTINUED the product about a month ago. They suggested that I buy all of them if I saw them at any store. We live in the Chicago area and let me tell you, I have not found them anywhere! So, my advice to you is, if you see them, stock up!!

  45. Jay Says:

    Sabina is right. Normal erasers work. U can notice the difference as you rub away…!!

  46. prasanthi Says:

    rubbing alcohol doesnt work, and i guess only certain erasers work. i’ve tried the armor-all wipes (the yellow one) and that works sort of well, though not completely white and new. tried using eye glasses cleaner too.. doesnt work. also have tried products that are sold just to clean the macbook.. those dont work either. if i run across these glass wipes, i’ll definitely buy them. hopefully they’ll work! =)

  47. lexi Says:

    hey,that soundslike a great idea i think im going to try it

    i got it 4 x-mas and it is already dirty dosnt that sux

  48. Sandra Says:

    I just tried the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on the wrist pad of my white macbook and it worked like a charm! i had previously tried windex glass cleaner wipes and they didn’t work. The Mr. Clean worked immediately!

  49. Ric Says:

    Hey have you noticed the black wipe that came with the laptop…I think it is made of rubber…and it leaves some rubber over the computer…it cleans pretty well the dirt over the white notebook

  50. Noel Says:

    LISTEN UP! i have tried all of these ideas for cleaning white macbooks in the areas where your hands leave oil and dirt stains. alcohol does very little to remove deep stains, but does remove a small amount of the superficial dirt. WHAT WORKS BEST, and the has ZERO ABRASION, is WHITE STAEDLER ERASERS. they can be purchased at any office max, office depot or architectural/drafting store. amazing how well it works actually. id stay away from all chemicals and household cleaners. after all, it is a computer…not a window or a countertop.

  51. Asbo Says:

    A soft cloth and some window cleaning spray (the clear, watery kind) works wonders.

  52. Kelli Says:

    Thank you Ric^: I always wondered what that black square was for. It really works well on the screen. Not so much the wrist pad or mouse pad. But GREAT for the screen.

  53. jonathan Says:

    I went to albertsons right after i red this and with the help of a micro fiber cloth i have never seen my macbook so clean since i got it! thank you so much for the tip and the money you saved me :)

  54. jomur Says:

    I used to use alcohol swabs to clean the keyboard but i find using nail polish remover more effective. Funny story really, i accidentally spilled the remover on the mouse pad but when i wiped it off it was shining clear!

  55. Paul Says:

    Ordinary white plastic/rubber pencil erasers are perfect for the wrist rest problem, do it a couple of directions to get all the crud away without streaks, neat water on a tissue (no drips!) works fine for the screen, but you’ll need to buff it up with the little black cloth thing you get with the Macbook.

  56. Rini Says:

    All these tips were amazing, and the only thing i had around the house was a regular pink rubber eraser from Staples, which is what i ended up using. I recommended bordering your cleaning area (i used it on the spot where my palms usually rest when I type) with Scotch tape to cover the cracks in the mousepad and the closest keys of the keyboard — you don’t want the erasure scraps falling in between! Then instead of haphazardly brushing it off, take the tape and use it to pick up the eraser shreds. When you’re done, take some Post-Its and cover the area, so that you won’t have to clean it ever again. xP

  57. tnr Says:

    The white staedtler eraser is brilliant! Combined with post-it notes, your white laptop can stay clean for ages. Jsu tbe careful of the eraser ‘curls’ after cleaning….

  58. ashley Says:

    I was wondering what you would use to clean the outside. My macbook is gross looking and I don’t know if I should use mr clean magic eraser or what. I think most of what everyone is saying is for the inside. If its under warranty just bring it in and they replace it.

  59. Kait Says:

    I spent a lot of time looking for solutions online to fix the problem with stains on my wrist rest — it had built up over months and all of the solutions seemed to be for new MacBooks with very little residue. I was cursing myself for letting the problem get bad. Glass cleaner worked to alleviate some of the problem, the white erasers worked a little, but what I found worked for me was an old bottle of KABOOM! from the linen closet—-yeah, the stuff from the infomercials. It’s got an abrasive pumice-like aspect to it that helps with scrubbing and lifting up the grease. I put a tiny tiny bit onto a paper towel (a little goes a long way) and rubbed it into the marks on the wrist rest. Within a few swipes it started to work VERY nicely, and after taking some care and time, the marks were completely gone. After cleaning, I wiped the wrist rest down with a damp paper towel to get rid of the residue. So far I haven’t seen any ill-effects with the Kaboom harming the surface.

    This isn’t by any means a solution for the keys or any other part of the MacBook, but if you’ve got stubborn hand marks on the wrist rest that have built up over time and seem impossible to get off with other methods, try using a cleaner with a paste-like consistency and a gritty texture that’s meant for grease (I’m sure Kaboom isn’t the only one) — just don’t let it get into the keyboard. It’s the only thing I’ve used that has completely eradicated months of handprint buildup.

  60. ANDREW Says:

    I just got my macbook a week ago and love everything about it…except…the easily scuffable exterior. Its the white glossy kind and right out of the box there was a red sticker residue from the packaging and i cleaned it off only to find i put in a cricular subtle scratches on the xterior. any solutions for this?

  61. Ozzie Says:

    this was the first advice i read about cleaning tyra (my macbook)…yes i named her…and so i went to go buy some windex wipes…and omg…IT WORKED. thank you so much. tyra looks brand new. i highly suggest glass wipes if you need to clean your macbooks.

  62. anna Says:

    you can get the glass wipes plus from username “geroy’s outlet” on ebay for a couple bucks plus shipping.

    UNFORTUNATELY….i finally received them in the mail, 2 months late no less, and they didn’t take off my pink smudges of 1 1/2 years…but the surface does feel lovely again.

  63. andrea Says:

    You can make your own wipes with soft paper towels like Viva (they are super soft and don’t leave fibers behind) and a little spray on glass plus or windex.

  64. TimothydaCat Says:

    Hey guys, i keep noticing all these posts. Like mentioned above, the glass Glass Plus Wipes are gone…


    Clorox Disinfecting Wipes!
    I get them from Costo… and it’s like NEW again!

  65. monty Says:

    I have removed a sticker on the backside of the macbook, now the sticky part is still on the mac… what is best to remove this adhesive?

  66. jane clout Says:

    I’ve been using alcohol – meths – diluted up to now, but I con’t saw it did a very good job, but today I tried tissue dampened with white spirit. My macbook is now like new! Even the apple key and the “E” key are clean. I would’t try this on the screen though, dilute alcohol works ok there.

    One of the above will remover glue residue – it depends on the glue as to which one.

  67. Alex Carrier Says:

    Hi i have a black macbook which also used to have a sticker on the back- should i just try meths or white spirit aswell like the white macbook or try something else?

  68. jane clout Says:

    use the above. Dirt shows up more on the white one, but you are basically doing the same job, on either black or white. Equality!

  69. Julli Says:

    Magic Rub erasers. Good for drawing, excellent for your white macbook.

  70. monty Says:

    What are meths and white spirit?

  71. Alicia Says:

    Warning story about Clorox disinfectant wipes: I cleaned my new macbook with wipes obsessively, and I must have either pressed down too hard on the keyboard or gotten the water in it, because several of my keys began to stick and malfunction and I had to send it back for repair. Fortunately it was still covered by the warranty at the time, but Be Careful!

  72. Amr Farouk Says:

    Hi I tried it but unfortunately didnt work, then I used this hand sanitizer and it worked amazingly
    you know this knid that you get when you are on safari so it needs no water after it wash your hands cause it dries in seconds and really hard removing hard fats

  73. Gimmy Says:

    Anyone can suggest can good and cheap ways in cleaning the exterior of MACBOOK, especially areas surrounding the APPLE logo.

  74. mary Says:

    I purchased very inexpensive clear lcd covers. they are really for phones, and camera screens mainly but some come in larger sheets that fit the wrist pads perfectly. they peel right off with no residue when you need to replace them. i think i got them at radio shack.

  75. KB Says:

    Can anyone suggest a way to clean the screen?

  76. herb Says:

    I didn’t try what the author of this article did, but I WILL tell you of my experience of cleaning the keyboard, palmrests, touchpad, mousebutton and surrounding areas. I used Mr Clean Magic Eraser (the regular stuff, not the foaming or the scented types) two pack. First off, I took the protective covers off the bottom of the macbook, then shut it off. Then I wiped the dust off the bottom of the macbook and the inside of the bottom cover. I used a t-shirt to wipe it off and the keyboard and areas around it. Yeah, I know, it’s not high tech but it’s what I had available. Next I removed the battery with a quarter on the lock switch. Then I broke open the package for the magic eraser and took one out. I went to the sink and got the sponge-like material thoroughly soaked with cold water. Then I squeezed out as much water as I could. Then I rolled the sponge like a jelly roll and put it between both my palms and squeezed as hard as I could, getting most of the water out. Now the sponge still was moist, but not dripping wet. I GENTLY wiped the space key to see what happened and how well it took off the dirt. It worked pretty well cause the sponge was getting dirty and there was a slight bit of moisture and dirt on the key so I took the shirt and wiped it dry. I again GENTLY wiped the space and more dirt came off. I got brave, despite the warnings of not using these things on the keyboard and GENTLY wiped the enter/return key with the sponge to see if it would scratch or remove the lettering. It didn’t. Wiped the key dry then GENTLY wiped it again with a clean part of the sponge. It came clean! I tried a really dirty key with GENTLE strokes from the sponge and it was taking the dirt off! Make sure you periodically wipe off the moisture and dirt left on the key so the water won’t go underneath the keys and in the inside of the computer! I then GENTLY started wiping all the keys and then dried them. I rinsed out the sponge under the faucet again and wrung out as much water out of it as I could physically could, just so it was slightly moist but not wet. I GENTLY wiped the trackpad and it’s button and the wristrests and the plastic area to the left, right and above the keys. I didn’t do the glossy top or bottom or the frame around the screen and DEFINITELY DIDN”T TRY IT ON THE SCREEN! You would be a fool to do that! Needless to say, the keys were cleaned like new again! It didn’t remove any of the lettering on the keys at all. Just make sure you don’t scrub them hard, be VERY GENTLE with the keys! I don’t know if it would have removed the lettering but I wasn’t going to take that chance.

    BTW, I have a 3rd gen white macbook, 2.0ghz, bought in Jan 2008 so I don’t know what might happen with earlier models with different types of plastics in the keyboard and surrounding areas. Try at your own risk, but BE CAREFUL if you do give it a whirl. If you screw up your pc, don’t come crying to me.

  77. Meredith Says:

    It works!! Thank you so much for this hint! I recommend to all macbook users. Just make sure after you wet the sponge that it is pretty dry before you go wiping down your trackpad and keys. Again, much appreciated!

    It’s pretty darn cheap too.

  78. Meredith Says:

    **I meant that the Mr Clean Magic Eraser really works.

  79. monty Says:

    I got some goo gone for my sticker.. works great!!

  80. Francheska Says:

    Ihave to say that windex wipes are awesome, my macbook was sooooooo dirt!!!!! but when i use this wipes….WOW!!!! feel and is sooooo clean!!! is perfect!!!! try it

  81. Francheska Says:

    dont use : clorox wipes, lisoyl, and other products that are basicaly for clean home it can get off the surface. like ajax, lestoil etc.

  82. Laura Says:

    just a quick thing to note.

    Mr. Clean Magic Erasers have a carcinogen (cancer-causing agent) in them that is used to literally dissolve the marks and residue. That’s the reason you can see where it was used, it literally eats through the surface.

  83. kelly Says:

    Well, I used a staedler eraser as suggested since i had one around the house and could not be more pleased with the result. I had black marks at the palm rest area from the first time I tried to clean it with Costco eye glass cleaner and the black cloth that came with the mac. bad combo!

    I also used it on the outside where I had some scuff marks on the bottom.

    All in all amazing and cheap.

  84. Ahmed Says:

    Well, so far everyone is talking about the cleaning liquids. But my concern is how to use that liquid. I am worried that the liquid might go inside the laptop body while cleanig the keyboard and that may damage the mainboard or any other component of the macbook. Any suggestion how to use the liquid properly? Any suggestion is welcome. :)

  85. Dana Says:

    The best product I have found for cleaning the screen is eyeglass cleaner wipes. You can get them in individual packets from Lenscrafters, Walmart, etc and they work perfectly.

    As a bonus they are not moist enough to drip and cause any damage to the computer.

  86. Jessica Says:

    For those having trouble with oil on the trackpad–there is a very good chance that the trackpad is actually worn, not oily. I have a school full of MacBooks and iBooks, and over time, the matte surface of the trackpad gets “polished” smooth and shiny by fingers rubbing it. I know it looks like oil, but it’s actually just worn down, which of course means you can’t clean it…

  87. Ahmed Says:

    Thank you Dana for your suggestion. :) I also have to clean betwen the keys which is harder to reach using wipes cloths. How about using cotton ear buds? Any one tried that before?

  88. k Says:

    i got on here to see how to clean my white macbook, and got great info but how does every prevent all the scratches on the top and bottom of it? i love my computer and i dont want it to get all scratched and stuff, do they have like skins or anything to get rid of them or to help prevent them?

  89. mike Says:

    try baby wipes it worked for me now my macbook is clean as can be now

  90. mike Says:

    try baby wipes now my macbook is as clean as can be

  91. Emma Says:

    i would second the use of baby wipes – i always use them to clean my macbook

  92. Hannah Says:

    Can you use windex?

    please help <3

  93. Kate Says:

    Where is the Keyboard cleaner app?

  94. angie Says:

    mr clean magic erasers work great

  95. amy Says:

    Haha.. I don’t know how you decided to try perfume, but the marks have been driving me CRAZY and that’s all I had around the house right now, and it worked wonderfully! And now my office smells nice too!!!

  96. leti Says:

    Just cleaned my wrist pads with an eraser and it works like a charm. Takes the grim off right away.

  97. meg Says:

    My roommate accidentally got red pen ink on my right wrist pad. It didn’t all come off, and turned pink. She tried to clean it off with some window cleaner, and now there is a patch that looks different, as if the finish has come off, and, part of it is still pink. Any suggestions?

  98. Bronwyn Says:

    I used a Staedtler Mars Plastic eraser (my favorite!) and got 90% of the old dirt off, and a swipe with a cotton swab soaked in non-acetone nail polish remover got the rest. I also have a USB plug-in mini vacuum for my keyboard. I got mine at, but I’m sure they sell them elsewhere too!

  99. Elizabeth A. Smith Says:

    I used Oxi Clean Miracle Foam. Paid $4.99 for a 32 Fl Oz bottle. It is
    just wonderful. The keyboard looks and feels like new.

  100. Megan Says:

    this may sound weird, but I use toothpaste and a damp paper towel on my white macbook. I hear that using some chemicals can make the surface deteriorate so everyone should really be careful.

  101. demo Says:

    I just want to know why it matters so much.
    I know the product is made to scratch easily. Why cant they just use a stronger plastic?
    I guess they need a reason to sell protectors and such and we never really get what we pay for.
    Why don’t you simply learn to love your macs more. Take it into the shower with you.
    Scrub its back and Get over it….

  102. demo Says:

    Herb Why wont you GENTLY get a life.

  103. Elise Says:

    I’m using Mr Muscle Window and Glass in the Uk and it’s working a treat on my Macbook. It’s with vinegar. I’m using it sprayed on paper towels. It evaporates quite quickly though.

  104. ro Says:

    thank you for the tip. im selling mine and its embarrassing saying.. um.. “its really dirty.” lmfao.

    thank you.

  105. Merijn vd W Says:

    I just cleaned mine with some cheap brand Garden furniture cleaner. (you know those plastic chairs/tables).

    Worked just perfect really. Havent applied it to the screen though, it seems a bit too agressive for that :P

  106. Says:

    [...] ago I did some research on the Internet on how to keep the white Macbook clean.  I came across a blog where Glass Plus Wipes were used and it worked miracles on the stains.  A lot of readers [...]

  107. Will Says:

    I just followed Elise’s advice (#103) and used Mr Muscle’s W&G on the keyboard, the mousepad, all inner and outer surfaces and even the screen (!) with a paper towel. In terms of the surfaces, it’s doing a rather decent job, nothing amazing though, but the effect on the screen is spectacular! One probably should not do that too often, just to stay on the safe side, but this seems to do the trick very nicely.

  108. MacBook - Just a quick question about the keyboard... - Says:

    [...] Here’s what one guy did. Seems to work well according to him. Note: Your mileage may vary. Regards. [...]

  109. john Says:

    All this talk about erasers. Like someone earlier I worried about the “curlies” sneaking in between the keys. My question is, can the homeowner (computer owner) get into clean inside the keyboard. My bigger problem is pet hair, four cats and 1 dog make that the big problem.

  110. happy abby white macbook owner Says:

    The minute I found this post I rushed to Albertsons to get the Glass Wipes. I was so excited because I wanted to literally buy a new computer because I hated the dirt on my mac. It worked like a charm! You just saved me hundreds of dollars. :)

  111. Amy Says:

    I agree with Megan. Toothpaste did an excellent job on my white MacBook keyboard. I used Q-tips and carefully cleaned the top of each key, then wiped them with a damp cloth. Then I ran a dry Q-tip between the keys. It took a little patience, but the thing looks brand new.

  112. kelsey Says:

    hand sanitizer did nothing for me. I didn’t have any white erasers on hand, so tried pink – did nothing for me either. next on my list is perfume and nail polish remover!

  113. kelsey Says:

    so perfume works, but definitely needs a little elbow grease to get it started. i used a soft paper towel, but would probably have benefited more from a toothbrush or even green scrubby pad.

  114. Shay Says:

    The Mr. Clean Magic erasers work great to. I don’t recommend using these for anything but the white macbooks though!

  115. tuto Says:

    I used Tuff Stuff and it worked wonders! I applied the Tuff Stuff to an eyeglass cleaning tissue and cleaned my Mac… it was recommended to me by one of the sellers at Best Buy… he recommended it to me more that Goo Gone… and it’s not abrasive! =)

  116. Ivy Says:

    Do I need the keyboard cleaning app? Or will it work as well without it?

  117. margaret Says:

    Thank you for this amazing trip. My white macbook looks brand new! I used glass cleaner and a sham cloth.

  118. Kenry Says:

    Appreciate the info guys, thanks

  119. Bella Says:

    How about keeping your hands clean guys. This is what you need to do first of all. I use hand sanitizer before and during my usage of my macbook. Its the best way to not only keep dirt but oil off your hands

  120. jo Says:

    does anyone know what to do –
    the mouse button on my track pad on my macbook is clicking. presumably it’s sticky under the button somehow.
    how can i clean this?

  121. Veronica Says:

    wow this is awesome! Im going to go out and buy it so I can try it. I’m pretty picky about it and just wasn’t sure what to use to clean it. and its been bothering me so thanks for posting!

  122. Sander Says:

    im pretty sure this works but i live in europe (netherlands) and i just found out bubble solution (unno the stuff kids blow bubbles with) works amazing im almost done with cleaning and its brand new. i’ll have to go over it once again with a lil touch on every key using a damp cloth oz the keys don’t feel nice yet

  123. Ruth Says:

    Hey I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for a cleaner I could use? I had stickers on my keys before (yes I know it was stupid) but they were to help me learn to type in a new language. When I took them off they left all of the stickyness on the keys, and now I hate to type with my laptop keyboard… also my trackpad is disgusting, does anyone have an idea of a item that would help clean my keyboard that would be found in the average household? Thanks :D

  124. Bryan Says:

    For the screens, just use a little water on a lint-free, soft cloth and follow up with a dry, microfiber lint-free towel like you find at the auto supply stores (detailing towel). You can use these towels dry without the water in most instances, and it seems to work the best for me. Just make sure that you keep one designated exclusively for your computer screens!

  125. Emma Says:

    Just tried the ‘magic eraser’ works!

  126. Karen Says:

    Hey Ruth
    I didn’t have the same problem but I did have a similar one for my macbook exterior. I found that nail polish remover takes off the sticky adhesive quite nicely. Try it at your own risk and see if it works!

  127. Rob Says:

    I thought I’d mention that I’ve had good experience with Lysol Disinfecting Wipes on my white Macbook. It gets the major grime off, but it doesn’t get rid of the minor stuff too well.

  128. Kathryn Says:

    after years of trying to remove the palm prints from my white ibook a lightbulb went off….i grabbed my MAGIC ERASER (I think it is Mr. Clean) and instantly went back to looking new . It is the only thing that works on my ibook. I previously purchased all this stuff in hopes that it would come clean and go back to its white state. MAGIC ERASER worked like a charm and instantly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOO HOO FINALLY! DONT USE THE LIQUIDS ON THE LAPTOP just use the Magic Eraser, no fluids, the dirt comes right off…I am jumping for joy, I am such a geek!

  129. Stumblin Says:

    What I found to get rid of hand prints on the Mac was kind of funny to realize, it was a white eraser aka Magic Eraser or the click eraser you can get at pretty much any store. Worked great, especially if you’re afraid to use any solvents, this is a sure thing.

  130. Stumblin Says:

    Sorry didn’t mean Magic Eraser, I meant Magic Rub it’s an actual artist pencil eraser. It’s a soft eraser.

  131. lisa Says:

    Baby wipes – ever since I’ve had a baby, I’ve discovered they really are a miracle worker for getting things clean. I used swiped one of them across my white MacBook keys/perimeter – then dried them off with a Kleenex. Like new!


    \\\\\\\\\\\9uuuuyvcccccccccccccccccccccc xccccccccccccccccczxxxxxxxxxxgvbgvbvbvbbxxxxxxxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzc<<z<



    ps. these buttons click right off


  133. AN Says:

    I think all these chemicals are just magnets for further dust. The best option is to use a simple brand new eraser. (any brand) It’s cheap and found everywhere and does a great job!!!

  134. Adam Says:


  135. paul Says:

    i used windex brand wipes… probably the exact same chemical makeup as these glass plus wipes…
    anyway… windex wipes worked on all surfaces of my white macbook…. it looks and feels great again
    i would imagine it is safe to say that windex spray would do the trick… just spray some paper towel and go to town

  136. daniel Says:

    using a rubber is hard as it means easily missed spots.
    the problem with baby wipes is that it can leave ur keyboard kinda moist and if you use a kleenex to wipe the moisture it leaves behind tissue particles…

    i recommend using alcohol swipes used in hospitals- you can easily ask your local general practitioner or chemist (for free).

  137. Saahil Says:

    ok i already used it….on my mac….
    but it doesnt clean the keyboard properly…..
    my keys look yellow!!……any suggetions!!????

  138. Lori J Says:

    I can confirm that toothpaste works on a pen mark. I just tried Fantastik to no avail. Toothpaste on a q-tip rubbed gently until it disappeared. Presto! Thanks for sharing this tip.

  139. RealNitro’s Blog » Blog Archive » Cleaning a white Macbook Says:

    [...] evolved into a grey Macbook. Today I descided to clean it back to its original color. I found this tip about what cleaner to use, and it worked out nicely. There are only two grey areas left: those [...]

  140. maureen da silva Says:

    WET WIPES for baby’s bottoms works really well on white macbook keyboard and the power cable as well. I live in South Africa: the brand I use is Pampers Baby Fresh – probably sold all over the world. Also do not need a cloth – just use it and throw it away!

    My problem is that my son bought a great light blue carry case for it in the UK and I do now know how to clean it. Used carpet stain remover and carpet shampoo and it seems to be doing the trick. Anyone have any other suggestions?

  141. macbook owner Says:

    I had a black pen leak ink all over the trackpad/mouse button/bottom area, and a bit of rubbing alcohol on a paper towel got it off with no trouble.

    Also, I find for the screen itself, wiping with a damp (with just water) microfibre cloth, and then drying with another microfibre cloth (or, you know, the dry half of the first) worked wonders, even for those stubborn marks from the keys themselves.

  142. cleeean! Says:

    definitely don’t use any liquids on the screen other than water! they’ll destroy the finish!

    as for the keyboard/track pad and surrounding grey area, just use a mr clean magic eraser. dry works fine on usual dirt. anything stubborn use it wet but make sure you squeeze out as much water as you can to avoid dripping. also, a wet mr clean eraser disintegrates as you use it so make sure none of the bits fall into the crevices of the keyboard/track pad.

    happy cleaning, guys!

  143. Karin Says:

    To clean my macbook, I use Monster Screen Clean (sold at Best Buy for appx. 20 bucks). The outside, as well as inside (mine tends to get dingy where I rest my wrist/hand) can be cleaned with Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. They work GREAT! I just cut off a little square or rectangle, depending on the surface area needed to be cleaned, and PLEASE, do not drench it. It just needs to be a little damp. Make sure to get all of the excess water off of the magic eraser. What’s great about this is that you will not damage the Mac in any way. No harsh chemicals, so long as you don’t drench it ;-) Hope this helps!

  144. MOises Says:

    getting a moist paper towel and rubbing some toothpaste on it will do the job probily better than anything

  145. MOises Says:

    getting a moist paper towel and rubbing some toothpaste on it will do the job probily better than anything, and yes it works on the keys and the frame of the screen and all the polcarbornate parts

  146. MOises Says:

    but the tooth paste has to be white, and any brand will work

  147. MOises Says:


  148. White Nokia N97 Dirty Dpad Says:

    [...] Clean Magic Eraser Original Cleaning Macbook: How to Clean Your White Macbook Free Mac Blog Macworld: How to clean my white Macbook … My Dirty MacBook Is Clean Again | | [...]

  149. Julia Says:

    Those work great, but for serious, or even permanent marker, pen, etc. marks on a white macbook, use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser!
    IT WORKS WONDERFULLY and even got off blue ink off of the bottom of my white mac book, and it was super easy!
    All i did was dampen the eraser, and wipe away the once permanent damage. I was so suprised, I didn’t even have to apply a ton of preassure, it really is magic..haha

  150. Adrian Says:

    GLASS CLEANER – it worked. – My Mac is restored – thanks so much for this suggestion

  151. Paul Says:

    Ok you UK folks, here’s the one you’ve been waiting for:

    - Blutack (just give it a bit of a rub round the keys etc)

    - Arm & Hammer baking soda toothpaste and a soft brush (palm rest etc, wash off with damp cloth)

    I’ve had crappy stains for 2 years. All gone now. :-)

  152. Vicener Says:

    I used a simple school white eraser on the palm rest area and some keys and it worked pretty nice. Then simply used some alcohol wipes. Looking pretty nice now.

  153. katydog Says:

    Just found that pressing plain old scotch tape(the packing tape width)-as mentioned by only one other person– and then lifting if off removed the grime on the palm rest…pretty easy and very effective.

  154. tish Says:

    i found that baby wipes are not helpful for the surface of the mac but the keyboard. I just tried it myself! I used huggies.

  155. iPhoneJohnny Says:

    I tried the glass cleaner and it did not work well for me. Mind you I work in a Motorcycle Shop and my hands get dirty fast. I used “VIM Cream” and it turned my keyboard into brand new again. took all the grease marks off. Apply a little on a rag and work it into the rag first so you don’t get the VIM Cream into the sides of the keys when rubbing the keys. My Keys are white again This worked wonders and I’m sticking with it. it does not harm the letters on the keys either. Good luck!

  156. BRITTANY Says:

    I just now used a plain, white eraser to clean my macbook, and it took away a year’s worth of grime. my computer is white again! great to use, if you are scared to use cleaners on it.
    wonderful keyboard cleaning app too! however, the eject button still works :]

  157. Glass Clean Says:

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