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Mac Server Series: Configure Two IP Addresses On One Mac

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We already showed you how to host multiple web sites on one Mac, but that tutorial assumes you want them all to have the same ip address. Sometimes, you’ll need multiple IP addresses for instances like installing a SSL Certificate. This video shows you how to have two ip addresses on one connection.

Watch It Here: Configure Two IP Addresses on One Mac

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2 Responses to “Mac Server Series: Configure Two IP Addresses On One Mac”

  1. Rokey Says:

    hey, im still having trouble getting this to work. i have a macbook pro, personal web sharing is on, my airport express & DSL modem are both set up to forward port 80, but i still get the message “To view this page, you need to log in to area “” on (my IP address).”

    Any ideas?

  2. Rokey Says:

    actually, nevermind that problem… i just found out that it is an internal issue… other computers can view my site… but thanks

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