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Mac Server Series: Getting The Mini In A Data Center

Welcome to the site. Our most popular posts are a series of video tutorials on How To Use Your Mac As A Server. We also answer your Mac questions. Just Ask FMB Feel free subscribe to our RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!

As we’ve gone thru the steps of getting your Mac mini set up as a server, we’ve focused on free software and options that are available with Mac OS X. This sure makes it easy to set up an inexpensive server that you can host at your house of office.

But once the machine is set up and running, you may find that the slow or unreliable connection at home is not enough for you. Power outages, theft or slow upload speeds can be barriers when hosting at home. If you want a more reliable server, you’ll probably want to consider a data center to host your machine.

In a data center, you are paying mostly for the space. It can get quite expensive to host a full server. But with the small size of the Mac mini, you can colocate your server for much less.

I’ve mentioned from the beginning that I work with We host hundreds of Mac minis as servers and that is how I’ve become familiar with the setup of these machines. In this video, I answer the most common questions asked and walk thru the signup process. Hopefully, this will show you hosting in a data center doesn’t need to be intimidating or expensive.

Watch it here: Getting The Mini In A Data Center

- Server Video Series

I’ll be happy to answer any more questions here or from the contact page.

5 Responses to “Mac Server Series: Getting The Mini In A Data Center”

  1. Matt Hoult Says:

    I really enjoyed the series, very well done and simple enough to send friends to check it out instead of constantly bugging me. Thanks for taking the time.

    My question though: Is this to be the last in the series? I would really like to see more.

  2. Quin Says:

    By any chance is the entire series available to download, session by session, starting from buying your mac mini? I’d love to learn all about it, but I don’t know where to start, so if there is the ordered series, is there a chance to download? Of course, I’d be more than happy just to read it online :D


  3. steve Says:

    I’d like more info about attaching an external drive and doing a nightly “clone”. I’ve used Carbon Copy Cloner before but never on a schedule…

  4. Free Mac Planet » Blog Archive » Mac Server Series: Getting The Mini In A Data Center Says:

    [...] Mac Server Series: Getting The Mini In A Data Center [...]

  5. Antwion Says:

    I’m just wondering are you guys going to ever do a video series on Mac OS X leopard Server?
    topic like: how to setup and host your own website using Leopard Server start to finish.
    or how to verify that the DNS is configured right with your iP address.

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