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Mac Server Series: How To Monitor The Bandwidth Usage

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Today is a short tutorial but is important for anyone using a Mac as a server. I look at a free program that will show you how much upload and download bandwidth you use in a month.

Video Link: How To Monitor The Bandwidth on your Mac mini server


-SurplusMeter – A free application that will allow you to see how much bandwidth your machine is using. – provides the bandwidth and hosting for these tutorials. Once you have your machine set up to run as a server, you may consider hosting it in the macminicolo data center. Starting at $34.99 you are provided with reliable power, a 100mb connection, and a static ip address. More on pricing can be found here.

Note: I am the one that manages all of the minis in the macminicolo data center.

2 Responses to “Mac Server Series: How To Monitor The Bandwidth Usage”

  1. Glenn Kerbein Says:

    For anything security and netowrk oriented when dealing with a server, I suggest that people take a look into using wireshark, nmap, and WaterRoof (a bandwitdh throttling and general firewall). I also suggest that if you want full network security, though this post really doesn’t have to do with that, but I’ll link to it anyways, you may want to look into using Nessus.

  2. Sampson Says:

    Do you know of a tool that will run on OSX which will show the number of bytes transfered by each machine on a wireless network?


    The mini colo is wicked! I wish I had a mini.

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