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No, You May Not Order Your Mac minis (Updated)

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I work for a company that goes through a lot of Mac minis. A lot of minis. A couple hundred a month.

Well, today we called to place our order for our next big batch of minis and we were told “We’re not able to take large orders for Mac minis right now.” And that was it.

At first, my boss got a little upset because we do this all the time. But, I reminded him of a certain Apple Event scheduled for Feb. 28th planned for some “fun new products from Apple.” That calmed him a bit.

So, it seems that you can order the current minis one by one, but not in bulk. This makes me believe that we’ll be seeing the first Intel Mac mini…and it certainly won’t be this ridiculous cube.

Update: This has now been confirmed by a post on AppleInsider. Of course, I could have been the blogger that they referenced in the post. If that is the case then I believe we have just entered the rumor Infinite Loop.

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    [...] A writer for the FreeMacBlog has found out that Apple is not allowing people to order Mac Minis in large quantities. He works for a company who was planning to purchase a lot of Mac Minis, and Apple responded saying that “We’re not able to take large orders for Mac minis right now.” [...]

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    [...] 28號蘋果又有新搞作。但到底那些要see的some fun products是甚麼,各界也有不同推測。 正路傳媒New York Daily引用專分析蘋果的分析師Shaw Wu的報告,指蘋果會推出Consumer級的筆記本電腦,即是現時iBook同級機種。另外,Mac mini也可能轉用Intel,連同Front Row。還有iPod boombox。 秘密情報機關AppleInsider也是引用同一Shaw Wu報告,同樣指出會推出名為MacBook的Consumer級筆記本電腦,以及Mac mini。Wu也指出,蘋果會更新所有的Pro Apps為UB,更有可能推出iTMS全套電影下載。但他相信會今次推出全幕真正Video iPod機會不高。 江湖傳聞話Mac mini現在已經不能夠大批購買。Mac mini跑出機會甚高。但觀乎SJ最近興跑黑馬,大家都係睇定點好。 [...]

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    [...] FreeMacBlog says he wasn’t able to get a bulk order of MacMinis today. The first sign of what may be to come on the 28th. The first Intel Mac Mini with full media center capabilities? [...]

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    [...] Apple’s Mac Mini is no longer available for bulk orders according to FreeMacBlog. Which may mean we will be seeing Intel Minis at the Apple event on the 28th of this month. I work for a company that goes through a lot of Mac minis. A lot of minis. A couple hundred a month. [...]

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    [...] C’è chi dice che il migliore in cui cercare cosa ha in serbo Apple, sono i suoi magazzini. Ed Apple Insider, come alcuni blogger, sostiene che la Mela stia rifiutando ogni richiesta di quantitativi ingenti di questi sistemi. Sullo store online non si indicano ritardi, infatti si tratterebbe di un rifiuto rivolto solo a grandi negozi, con esigenze forti ma anche abituali. [...]

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    [...] Dat Apple binnen het half jaar een vernieuwde Mac Mini op de markt zou brengen met een Intel processor, wist iedereen wel. Maar nu komt het moment dat de kleinste telf van de Apple familie een Intel processor gaat krijgen wel heel dichtbij. Zeker nadat ene Brian van FreeMacBlog op zijn site meldt, dat Apple geen grote aanvragen van de Mac Mini meer aanneemt. [...]

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    Rob, this post was in February. You’re probably looking for

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