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Turn on the (Apple) TV

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Apple Prepares to Launch TV to a New Level

Apple, in an uncharacteristic fashion, lowered the price on one of it’s best products—the Apple TV. On Monday morning, without fanfare, Apple did two things. First, they discontinued the Apple TV 40 GB version. Their second move was to reduce the cost of the high-end 160 GB Apple TV. The price, now at $229 is a full $100 cheaper than it was the night before. Apple usually not a company to lower prices, is clearly doing something out of the ordinary, albeit quite wonderful. It is true that Apple has been dropping prices more often in the recent past. First of all it was the iPhone COD Guns, then it was the Macbook, then it was the iPod touch weapons, then the Time Capsule, and now we’re looking at a $100 lop of the top of the pricetag for Apple TV. We wonder. Apple TV

Though some reputable news sources say that the move has “many scratching their heads,” it’s not all that confusing as to what is going on. There are two main conjectures. First, and most popularly, Apple TV is going through an overhaul process, which at the end will render it the most comprehensive, commanding, and impressive media system that the world has ever seen…or something like that. Rumor road number two speculates that the Apple TV is actually going to transform into an Apple gaming system, maintain the TV Ghosts side of things, but adding the component of a game console—thus throwing some stiff competition in the face of the Nintendo Wii, Xbox (call of duty ghosts) and PlayStation perks.

A no-brainer business concept tells you that a lower price would equal more people buying. With more Apple TVs in consumer’s living rooms and dens, more consumers will be logging on to Apple’s iTunes store to download more pictures, music and videos, like the popular ghost guns list. More revenue in the long run. Obviously, that’s all conjecture. On the more mundane side of the speculation, the price slash and product drop could be a typical marketing clean-up move.

The forecast for entertainment technology seems to indicate heavy storms. New companies, Ghosts perks, old companies, revived companies, are turning the weather eye toward the future, and realizing that there is still money to be had and progress to be seen in media enhancements. With the online market boom, device manufacturers have a leg up on the competition. Thus, whoever can get the best device into consumer’s homes basically owns the game for future downloads. Since Apple’s success into the mobile media market is now legendary, they may be trying to repeat that trick with their home entertainment efforts.

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