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Using Your Mac As A Server

Welcome to the site. Our most popular posts are a series of video tutorials on How To Use Your Mac As A Server. We also answer your Mac questions. Just Ask FMB Feel free subscribe to our RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!

A while back I showed all of you the Great Wall Of Apple Boxes that was growing in my upstairs loft. I got a lot of emails and comments asking what it was I did that would require so many Mac minis.

I work for a company called As the name would imply, it is a colocation service for Mac minis (and XServes). People send in their Mac minis, and we colocate them so they can run websites, databases, podcasts, etc. The service is comparably inexpensive (compare it to the prices that are advertised in the Google ads at the top of this post) and offers very high speeds and security for the mini. To give you a few examples, we have one customer that runs 500 GB worth of podcasts off of his mini each month. Another customer has a site that gets 800k hits a month and his Intel mini never hiccups. We use minis for our own sites and emails. I’d say that half of the customers run Mac OS X Server, and the other half can do all of their work using regular Mac OS X. Both installs are incredibly powerful and stable.

We have a cage in a data center here is Las Vegas that is full of minis. Here are a couple photos of one of the racks in the cage. (For the privacy of our customers, I blurred out their names and ip addresses.)



Overall, the cage can be quite an impressive site. Often, the data center employees will give tours of the data center to possible customers. Our cage is always one of the crowning stops. I get the same comments every time.

“Are those mini computers?”
“Do those work well as servers?”
“Apple sure is coming along nicely as a company.”

Usually, I’ll be in the cage working while they are talking amongst themselves. Often, I’ll crack a joke like, “Here you see a real Mac IT man working in his natural environment.” That usually gets a laugh. Geek jokes.

Well, I bring all this up to announce that, in cooperation with, FreeMacBlog will be starting a new video series on how to use your Mac as a server. I’ve learned a lot of the little tricks while working with the company and I think that there are others that may like to know as well. The first video will be posted on Monday and it will deal with the “Initial Setup” of the Mac running Mac OS X. We’re also hoping to give you a couple chances to win a year of free Mac mini hosting from Macminicolo.

I’m hoping that the videos will help accomplish a couple things. For those of you wishing to run a server in your house or business, these videos should help you get it started fast and free. For those of you considering a change in your hosting, or in need hosting for the first time, you might consider a Mac mini. The new Intel machines are incredibly capable right out of the box.

So stay tuned. Grab the FreeMacBlog RSS Feed or be sure to bookmark us for later. I think you’ll enjoy the tips.

16 Responses to “Using Your Mac As A Server”

  1. Michael Clark Says:

    Your “here” link points to your feed. Not what you intended I hope. :) Mike

  2. Brian Says:

    Thanks Mike, I corrected the link.

  3. sebastian Says:

    thanks you so much !!!!!! thanks you !!!!
    but will they feature webhosting? thats what I love to know and again Thank you!!!

  4. themacuser Says:

    I have an old Lombard PowerBook as a server. It’s great.

  5. Paul Horabin Says:

    Now that looks like fun!

  6. Brian Says:

    The first post is up.

  7. boult Says:

    regarding webhosting….
    see this:

  8. Dan Says:


    I enjoyed your tutorial. If I may offer a suggestion, the first time you use a term or abbreviation, i.e. VNC, please define it.

    Thanks for the series I look forward to future installments.

  9. shane Says:

    I’m using a G5 as a backup server… but am anxious to learn more, and more importantly how to do it right.


  10. jet Says:

    do you guys take the optical drives out of those?
    do you sell em?

  11. Brian Says:

    jet, of course not. These minis are owned by the clients. We just host them.

  12. Hostis Outis Says:

    Hi Brian,

    PLEASE post your promised ServerVideo for
    using a Mac Mini as a mail host (MX) POP/IMAP
    server. Collocating a mini with you makes no
    sense for us without that.


  13. Brian Says:

    Hostis, we’re still figuring out the best way to present it. It’s a prety intense process.

    Be sure to take a look at Postfix Enabler as well. It doesn’t get much easier than that and for $10, that’s hard to beat.

  14. Richard K Miller Says:

    Hostis — I’m the one working on this and it is in progress. Out of curiosity (and this is for everybody) will you need a mail server for only one domain or multiple domains?

  15. John Says:

    Hi great site, looking forward to seeing more on this. Especially setting up a mail server. A single domain mail server would be great, but a multi domain mail server would be awesome.

  16. streetwear Says:

    Hello its a very nice site!

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